September Vogue?

  1. Hubby has been to 4 stores trying to get it and it is sold out everywhere-ugh! he even went to B&N. I didn't think it would be this hard to get!
  2. Dang I was at Borders yesterday and they had a ton of copies..of course I am in that does not help you..
  3. whats in the september vogue?
  4. My supermarket had it. It's almost 2 inches thick!!
  5. oooo i haven't seen sept vogue yet...must find...
  6. I got it!!!

    I went out myself after hubby came home and one of the local Rite Aid stores had it-it is HUGE! Can't wait to look through it! funny-I was never interested in fashion so much in my younger years-even when I worked at Ralph Lauren-now, here I am an old lady and very into it. LOL

    Bagnshoo-it is the fall fashion issue.
  7. I have a subscription, but I haven't received it yet.
  8. I also subscribe to it, and have not received it yet.
  9. That thing is one heavy MOFO!,when my dad gave it to me I almost fell down!. There is alot of LV in it though!. The mirror line=:heart:
  10. it's soo heavy but worth it! i hope you find it! :yes:
  11. I got it today, along with Sept. issues of Glamour, Bazaar, Shop etc., Elle and InStyle. OMG!!!!! :lol: :upsidedown: :nuts:
  12. Yeah try carrying Elle, InStyle, and Vogue for a lengthy period of time. Those issues are HUGE for Sept. I had fun looking through them all!
  13. I love the Sept issues of mags-- mmmm fall fashion!!!
  14. I am loving the fall Vogue! Should I get In Style too?
  15. OOOhhhh....Get Instyle. It is THE BESTEST magazine. They have a lot of stuff to look at not just a bunch of Ads. I'm a huge fan of instyle.
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