September Saks events?

  1. Is there an EGC or double/triple points for September?
  2. An SA told me there's a double points event going on Sept 10-15th. Which is better though, EGC or double points? How many points do you need to get anything decent back?
  3. Just an update: the Saks double points event will be for a week starting on 9/10 and I even got a letter saying they're pre-selling as well.
  4. honestly, i feel that the egc events are more worthwhile than the double pts (altho i am not sure if mathematically, the triple pts are more beneficial), however, for quicker gratification, you can save as much as 15% off your purchase, in a manner of speaking, and use the gift cards during your next trip to Saks.

    if anyone has actually compared the difference btwn egc and double and/or triple pts, please let us know!
  5. I think EGC is the best for the most part. For double points, you're basically getting 4% back, for triple points you're getting 6% back. With EGC it ranges:

    $250 to $499 ----------------------------------> $25
    which is (10% - 5%)

    $500 to $900 ----------------------------------> $50

    $1000 to $1999 --------------------------------> $100

    $2000 to $2999 --------------------------------> $300

    $3000 or more ----------------------------------> $450
  6. i get 4% back on my Saks card right now, so double points is 8% and triple pts is 12%. I'm only on the 2nd from the lowest spending bracket (lowest is 2% back).
  7. Oops, thanks, I forgot about that! :idea: I don't usually buy anything at Saks so I've never been above the lowest spending bracket.

    I also realized if you charge it on your Saks Card, you still get the 2% on top of the EGC. But everything really depends on how much you spend there and how much your purchase is going to be.
  8. i prefer EGCs. (I have a saks card, but not the saks mastercard if that makes any difference.) but according to my calculations, if you only bought one bag a year (ha ha), and you purchased it on an EGC day and it cost $2000, you would get a $300 gift card. if you purchased it on a double points day you would get 4000 points, so at the end of the year you would get a $4 gift card. that stinks.
  9. ^^ 4000 pts = $40 gc, but yea i think in all cases egc is better since you get egc AND at least 2 pts per dollar.
  10. thanks ally24k for fixing my math! i also forgot that double points would mean a $2000 bag would net you 8000 points that day (2 pts per dollar times double points). but that's still only $80, and the egc is $300 plus you get points like ally24k mentioned. so now that that's all settled, when is the next EGC coming up??:smile: