September Price Increase FACT

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  1. Was just at Tysons Chanel boutique and NM Chanel dept. Both are acknowledging another dreaded price increase. They have not received word how far purses are jumping this time. (Rat droppings!)[​IMG]and [​IMG]
  2. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............................................
  3. If the bags start exceeding 3000 on a regular basis, I am going to keep my money for Hermes.
  4. that sucks...
  5. i am with you on this....
  6. To add salt to the wounds, I saw a cute little bracelet that had some black pearls and white pearls (probably painted glass beads) and it had a gajillion little thingies along it. Very cute, edgy--almost had a punkish appearance as the little thingies looked like very small jagged metal pieces (reminded me or coral but not orange/red). It was light on the wrist, up my alley -- til I looked at the price $635. Needless to say, it didn't make the ride home with me. Vintage is looking better all the time . . .
  7. that's sucks.
  8. boooooooooo!
  9. for everything?
  10. That's just insane. That makes it what, three so far just this year?
  11. Thats crazy~~I think Im starting to hate Chanel!!
    Why they are doing this? 3 price increase this year already!! Im saving my money for Hermes
  12. That is ridiculous! It really frustrates me... I understand a price increase, but not THREE!
  13. I don't think I'll ever get my cute little Flap evening bag now. :sad: I can't justify spending so much on something I will use so little.
  14. Chanel Is Outta Control.
  15. it sucks. it just happened im wanting a flap... :wondering