September Prada purchases!

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  1. One beautiful Sunday my sweet BF drove me to Saks and insisted I buy a nice handbag and wallet. I was immediately drawn to the Prada bags! After trying on several, this is the one my BF liked the best....especially the cool hardware. So, this is my new Prada Vitello Shine tote and Prada wallet, I love them both! :biggrin:

    (sorry the pics are the best)

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  2. Love 'em both!! Congrats!
  3. Lucky Girl!! and sweet BF indeed!!
  4. Congratulations! What a great guy!
  5. Those are lovely stuff you got from Prada. Its a good thing that your bf has a good taste. Mine always tells me to buy a 100 Euro bag instead of 1000 Euro bag and he said that I should wear a backpack sometimes and see how functional it is (mental eye roll).
  6. Lucky girl! They look fab!
  7. Congrats!! Hold onto that guy!
  8. nice! i wish my husband is like your bf.....lucky you
  9. Thanks everyone! I am going to take better pictures from now more dark pics with flash! My BF is a keeper, but we have always taken care of each other :heart:
  10. What a sweet BF! Congratulations on your new purchases and enjoy :biggrin:!