September PCE Popular Lines

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Which Bag Did You Get for PCE?

  1. Leather Sophia

  2. Gathered Sophia

  3. Dot Op Art Sophia

  4. Python Sophia

  5. Floral Sophia

  6. Metallic Op Art Sophia

  7. Patent Sophia

  8. Sequin Sophia

  9. Leather Shoulder Bag

  10. Patent Shoulder Bag

  11. Python Shoulder Bag

  12. Gathered Shoulder Bag

  13. Poppy Bag

  14. Other Coach Bag

  15. No Bag for me this PCE

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Yes, that's exactly what I meant, thanks for translating! I never remember the one that is actually called the shoulder bag - probably because the gathered leather one is freaking $1200! :P
  2. oops.... ithought it was the madison large leather shoulder bag
  3. I got my acorn alexandra and the patent crimson wallet and got my hubby a wallet.
  4. Other bag not listed. Used my 40% off letter but purchased the black leather audrey. Was too scared I wouldn't be able to find it later to pass it up. No outlets near me :sad:

    Used the PCE for accessories.
  5. I'm bumping this thread since the poll is closing tomorrow.