September PCE Popular Lines

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Which Bag Did You Get for PCE?

  1. Leather Sophia

  2. Gathered Sophia

  3. Dot Op Art Sophia

  4. Python Sophia

  5. Floral Sophia

  6. Metallic Op Art Sophia

  7. Patent Sophia

  8. Sequin Sophia

  9. Leather Shoulder Bag

  10. Patent Shoulder Bag

  11. Python Shoulder Bag

  12. Gathered Shoulder Bag

  13. Poppy Bag

  14. Other Coach Bag

  15. No Bag for me this PCE

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. There is a huge difference between the Shoulder Bags and the Hailey. The Shoulder Bag is much bigger You must mean another bag? Do you mean the new convertible bag that is similar in size to the Hailey but rounder in shape? I don't know the name of it.
  2. ^ I think mharvey816 is referring to the Madison convertible hobo. I called it the "shoulder bag" too when I saw it in the store, although I remembered that the Big Mama is the shoulder bag. Ack! It was easier when the bags had names.

    Speaking of convertible hobo, that's what I bought for PCE, along with a silver studded skull fob. Not to be worn together, of course :biggrin:

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  3. ^^ Thanks for clearing that up.
  4. Mia patent tote in midnight and lucky mix fob
  5. ^ Of course, I could be totally mis-guessing! (Is that a word? probably not) :upsidedown: :lol:

  6. This could have been posted by me! OMG, I got the same bags during PCE (am waiting for 2 of them, boo hoo). Love sophia!
  7. Well, tonight, I took the leap to leather..So now I will add my small leather sophia in black.:yahoo:
  8. Large crimson Sophia and her matching patent checkbook wallet!
  9. Sophia x2 (Floral, Clover print)
    Madison Shoulder Bag x4 (Embossed logo leather, Embossed suede, Gathered Black, Leather Purple)
    Wallet x2 (Black gathered, Purple gathered)
    Cosmetic case x1 (Purple dot Op Art)
  10. Small Kristin Satchel in black. Classic!
  11. Omgosh! I'm practically drooling thinking about your collection! You must be over the moon!
  12. didn't buy a bag this go around but do love the new gray/black Mia inlaid C Maggie. ;)
  13. Thank you. This is the most damage I've done in one PCE. Almost everything has arrived, so I'll do a reveal soon.
  14. I got a whole bunch of stuff and loving them all. :woohoo:

  15. Black Licorice Patent Jazzy with silver hardware, and double star keyfob