September PCE Popular Lines

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Which Bag Did You Get for PCE?

  1. Leather Sophia

  2. Gathered Sophia

  3. Dot Op Art Sophia

  4. Python Sophia

  5. Floral Sophia

  6. Metallic Op Art Sophia

  7. Patent Sophia

  8. Sequin Sophia

  9. Leather Shoulder Bag

  10. Patent Shoulder Bag

  11. Python Shoulder Bag

  12. Gathered Shoulder Bag

  13. Poppy Bag

  14. Other Coach Bag

  15. No Bag for me this PCE

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Madison Patent Shoulder Bag
  2. I brought home the Large Gathered Sophia in black and ordered the Kristin XL Hobo in java.
  3. Other bag-purple embossed audrey :love: I LOVE her!! I have to pick up a wallet I ordered on Wednesday, so I may order the small black croc sophia. I saw her at Macy's today and she stopped me in my tracks! We'll see......:graucho: I may be back to update my vote!!
  4. Madison leather shoulder bag in purple, had to order it should be here Thurs or so.
  5. ooooo can't wait to see! you'll have to post pics!! :P
  6. I got the Mia large leather carryall in the all but impossible to find silver/eggplant combination. She thought we'd have to order it from another store but then another SA was able to pull it up in the system after all. Hope it gets here soon. My nightmare is that it wasn't really available in the system and then I miss my chance to get it with PCE.

    I also got the purple gathered flap clutch, which was just too gorgeous to pass up. I love how the gathered leather looks in purple, but the Sophias were just not doing it for me for reasons others have mentioned (small too small, large too large, shoulder strap too short).
  7. Crimson patent wristlet
    Op art heart necklace
  8. Oh boy! I forgot the Metallic Op Art Shoulder Bag too! Uh!
  9. #24 Sep 27, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2010
    How 'bout a 'didn't get a pce(again), but would of gotten' option :smile:
    I would of loved to have gotten a large Madison shoulder bag.
  10. I ended up with the Hamptons XL hobo in black leather, purple gathered leather wallet, and purple tartan mini skinny. Love them all!
  11. The Madison shoulder bags are really nice, but I couldn't justify one because I already have a Hailey bag and IMHO there's not a gigantic difference between them.
  12. Large Crimson Sophia
  13. new madison embossed logo leather large shoulder bag and a owl keychain :biggrin:
  14. I got the large Crimson Sophia and my daughter got the Poppy Tartan Satchel (and that is a cute bag!)
  15. Large Gathered sophia and Large op art sophia in champagne color..Love them both. I tried to talk my DH in exchanging my alexandra champagne for the sequin op art but he liked the alexandra better..