September is going to bankrupt me!

  1. After years of collecting Coach and not finding other brands and items that I both liked and were in my price range, I had a wonderful (and horrible) breakthrough about a month ago when I was introduced to vernis.

    I think my credit card is still crying.

    This month also brought my first forray into a LV boutique after living 15 minutes from one for 3.5 years. Now that I live 6 hours away, I had to go. My purchase? The azur cles.

    Anyway, this is what I've gotten this month. I truly believe I'm done for awhile (though I plan to hit up Saks in Pittsburgh in the near future).

    This month:
    1. Silver Vernis Columbus Tote
    2. Damier Azur Cles
    3. Indigo Vernis Reade PM
    4. Indigo Vernis Small Ring Agenda
    5. Indigo Vernis Billfold


    I think I can confidently finally post in this subforum and embrace my vernis problem. :graucho:

    August brought 2 rouge and 1 bronze piece, btw.
  2. Ditto, my friend. Congrats, everything is lovely!
  3. Great pieces, I looove the indigo vernis and the columbus, it's too bad that they discontinued the style !

    Congrats and welcome ! :graucho:
  4. LOVE YOU COLLECTION!!! I too have a compulsive spending issue! I seriously need to cut back on LV plus any expensive!!! It's money well spent though, although I need to start saving up now or I'll end up being a beggar on the street with LV stuff.

    P.S. Grab the mono groom cles, it's cute!! OMG I really do have an issue here. lol, sorry for being a bad influence - i just can't help it.
  5. That vernis indigo is beautiful and goes well with the silver. Nice!
  6. Love your indigo family!
  7. Heehee, congrats! Vernis started my LV obsession this year too :smile: But I've since moved on to other lines, woe to my credit card too, lol.
  8. OMG...i love the wallets!
  9. Thanks, everyone!

    I'm still in shock that I've done this much damage this soon into the month. I've covered my bases, though.

    Is it wrong of me to want to wait on a pre-owned Amarante Houston or Brentwood? I feel like the patina is going to be amazing but I don't like the brand new straps.

    That's the only thing keeping my credit card from weeping. :smile:
  10. Congrats, I love indigo! I have the Reade too!
  11. oh, I love these vernis pieces! Yes, I totally know what you mean...once in a while we go crazy on the card...just make sure to balance it out, don't go too far into debt...
  12. congrats!!! i love indigo! :smile:
  13. I love that vernis color! congrats. BTW, it's funny when I look at old threads and people often say they're going to not buy stuff for a long time, and there are a bunch of new threads with their new purchases. :graucho:
  14. I love the indigo! YUMMY!
  15. the indigo vernis are GORGEOUS!! congrats!!!!