September buys!!

  1. I know some of you went to the outlets this weekend. Show us your September purchases. Also this will be a great month because of the PCE.

    I'll start. I just bought a Coach headband on eBay. At a BIN price.
    Here is the picture from eBay. I love it.
  2. My first purchase in several months is one that i have been waiting for since I heard about it



    I also got this little signature pouch at the outlet for $71, which is awesome b/c i spent all my money on the ergo

  3. ^Love the plum. Congrats!
  4. I actually bought this yesterday off e-bay so I haven't gotten it yet. I can't wait's my very first Coach. :yahoo:

  5. kimmy, she looks awesome on you!!
  6. ok...can I post these here again? I'm still giddy over these finds! :happydance:

    All outlet finds on Sept 1 at the Clinton, CT outlet

    Hamptons Hobo - $97
    Legacy Resort Denim Hippie - $143
    Mini-Sig Key Case - $71 (gift for my mom)


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Modeling (sorry kinda blurry)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. superstar...beautiful scarf...I'm starting to get hooked on those! haha

    Kimmy...I love yer new bag!!! It's gorgeous!

    Dewey... That hippie is great!!! Now I want one haha

  8. Wow Great choices and they look great on you:tup: Congrats
  9. THANK YOU!!! I couldn't be happier with it!
  10. wow resort denim hippie!! i cant believe it!! u bought it this year?? did htey have more??
  11. Girls! Your finds are AWSOME so far!! I love them!
  12. Thanks! I want the red and brown one too. So far I haven't seen any brown on eBay.
  13. I got these Michelle flats in white the other day and they're a little too big...but I put some heel thingys in the back, I hope it'll take up some of that space.
  14. I bought my first pair of coach sunglasses on Friday night but I wore them for the first time today. They are the Coach Peony sunglasses in black. I absolutely love them but I am mad at myself that I couldn't wait till PCE....Oh well. lol, I'll post pics when I find my camera.
  15. I got the apple keyfob and the denim signature stripe wristlet.

    AppleKeyfob1.jpg AppleKeyfob2.jpg Wristletsmaller.jpg