September 25% off PCE

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  1. I started this thread out of curiosity of how many of the members here received the 25% off PCE. It seems that most have received the $100 off $300 coupon, so if you are one of the lucky ones that recieved the 25% PCE, please post here.
  2. Yes, I got an offer of PCE 25% off thru phone from my fav store manager n SA :smile:
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    Where is SA?
    I've called a couple of stores and asked if I spent $1100 could I get the 25% instead of the $100 off $300 and they said no!
  4. SA is sales associate
  5. SA =Sales Associate. I have not heard of anyone getting an actual live 25% coupon this time around. It sounds like all of the 25% off deals are coming from the retail store Sales Associates and management. There is even a Mall in Seattle that is offering the 25% discount to EVERYBODY So there goes the "exclusivity" theory LOL. Here is the link to the story about the mall. I googled to find it.

    I checked out the mall's website and the discount was listed on the mall website as well.
  6. Which store?
  7. I'd go in and ask, they might be more accommodating in person. Let them know your friend was offered a 25% discount, and since you're planning on such a large purchase you're wondering if the same offer could be extended to you. Works for me anyways LOL I always get the 25% PCE when there's nothing I want, and never get one when I plan on buying.

  8. This is very interesting! If a mall, including Coach is giving 25% off, then all FP Coach throughout U.S. and Canada should be honoring the discount. Otherwise, I would think that the Coach store in Seattle will be very busy taking phone orders.

    Lynne :biggrin:
  9. I'm regular at Coach West Ed Mall till recently I'm pregger n moving to a new home n cant do much of my shopping there...they know i only hunt for their LE Coach bags n shoes..that's all...they also told me the 25% off is for the customer who bought n spent a lot the whole time, a real big will random pick the customer..that's all I know cos I have no idea I will get the offer...I don't think I will get anything this time cos I can't get near to leather smell n that's sad for me...I wish I have the card to offer to any of u...hang in there
  10. I do agree with u Nawth21...I only spent crazy before my pregnancy..i do get a 25% PCE offer couple of times n when this time I don't feel like getting anything they offer me one, my last purchased was the stewardess bag n still in the Fedex box, only my husband saw the bag n sealed it tightly for me in the container, no leather can come near pregnancy...

    I think lately I'm getting a lil disappointed with their quality, I'm in n out the store many times of their not so good quality these days n I think I'm gonna give it a break n in future I will share any of the coupon with any of u here...I just gave my last coupon to one of the TPfer here...happy shopping :smile:
  11. I would print out and bring in the Seattle store thread. Jane posted on the other thread
  12. last time they offered this my SA told me anytime they have one of these and I buy a really expensive bag I can have it at 25% off.
  13. So I got a phone call from one of my SA's (I have 4 fp stores that I pop into) and she offered me the 25% on Sunday from 10-12:00. Well, I held off because I wanted my fav SA to get the sale instead and I knew that she told me she would extend PCE to me anyway since Coach had lost all of my purchase data (since has been found--another story). She also really wanted to see the bag I will be ordering in person so I was trying to be nice and thoughtful. Then my fav SA calls me today to tell me that I will be getting the $100 coupon. I explained that I passed up the 25% sale so I could buy the bag through her store instead. She called the other store to verify that they had the sale I guess and then called back to say that this one time she will let me use the 25% but that in the future she can't authorize special savings. Ugh! This is just going to make us all play the different stores against each other and end up hurting the stores that maybe usually go that extra mile because we save more through someone else's offer. I'm confused by this. Coach is "trying something new" as I was told and I hope they read how upset we are by this.
  14. I'm regular at Coach Bridgewater, New Jersey. Called my fav store manager and she's giving me the 25% off if i spend more than 300. yay!
    And the best thing, she can presale and ship the items to me even before the PCE starts on the 16th. double yay!! :biggrin:
    u guys can try ur luck, ask for Lauren and see if she can offer u the same. :smile: