***<< september 2014 purchases >>***


Dec 28, 2010
No one has started the new thread, so my turn this time :biggrin:
Can't wait to see what we buy in September 2014! :flowers:

Leo the Lion

Aug 7, 2013
In love with my new multicolor cosmetic pouch! I have two more multicolor pieces arriving this week just incase they start discontinuing. This line is such a work of art with all of the pretty colors.



Aug 31, 2014
Huntington Beach, CA
Such lovely purchases! :loveeyes:

Today I bought a preloved bag. I can't wait to get it! I keep looking at the photos and my heart is floating! :woot: I will post my own photos as soon as I get it!

I have boughten preloved before, but it was 2 keepalls with a portfolio from the French Company and LV. I don't know much about LV lingo, sorry! They're very warn, but I love them just the same. I like that they have history behind them in a way and have been loved a lot, now I get to love them more.

Anyways, the bag I bought is the first actual purse I'll own that's not super worn. It's discontinued so I didn't get to do the boutique thing, but I'm still happy and super excited. I figure I can always buy a wallet from the store itself eventually. :biggrin:

I've never spent this much on a bag, but I've always loved this bag for a long time, so I decided since I've saved to finally dive in and get it instead of looking at pictures forever! September is my birthday month too so it's my birthday present to me! :graucho: