~ September 2011 Mommies ~

  1. IBleedOrange: LOL...the things kids say!

    Yes, ultrasounds make me teary eyed too...especially when the tech points out the heartbeat. After my 2 miscarriages before this bean stuck, I didn't really care if it was a boy or a girl. All I wanted to hear was, "See the strong heartbeat!" When he said that, I felt relief!

    Anyway, have you felt the baby move yet? If not, you will very soon! It might just feel like popcorn or a light tickle at first, you might not even think it's movement!

    I can't wait till another 3 weeks and we get to go and see the OB again to check on the baby!
  2. natachalulu, congrats on your pregnancy and your little girls!!! :smile:

    IBleedOrange, sorry to hear that you need to eat food you don't like to make sure everything turns out OK. Hopefully time flies past, it'll be May soon and then we'll all have about 4 months to go!!!! I also thought I was going for the ultrasound record but looks like you and I are on the same boat. So far I have had 4 ultrasounds, and I have 4 more scheduled :laughs: the next one is next week, then another one at week 24, at week 28 and week 32 or 36 my renal specialist has not decided yet :p

    ms.fashionista, congrats on having a boy!!!
  3. Thanks for the congrats. BB! I still can't believe I'm having a boy...lol. It will all be real the day he arrives. Now the hard part is picking names!

    Have you guys started thinking about names yet? BB, your ultrasound must be around the corner now. Can't wait to find out! I really love ultrasounds and seems like I get one everytime I see the OB...heehee.

    Hope everyone's doing well! We'll be halfway there in a couple of weeks!
  4. Congratulations to all the September mommies!

    I'm a FTM due Sept 9, and I just had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday where we found out that we're having a baby boy!

    I made these cake pops to announce to our friends on Facebook and for DH to share at work today.


    I have to admit, it was a lot of work (even though I tried to spread it over a couple days) and when I had only 5 more pops left to dip, I started to feel so sick that I had to ask DH to finish them for me! It was probably a combination of the excitement of the day, plus the hours on my feet assembling the pops, plus going too long without eating real food (what the late afternoon chocolate chip cookie didn't count?!).

    Looks like the boys are starting to outnumber the girls in here!
  5. Congratulations on your boy chickpea!!! :smile: The cupcakes you made look very cute too!

    ms.fashionista, I have my ultrasound next week on Thursday :woohoo: I can hardly wait!
  6. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, BB!! I hope your bean will cooperate with the doctor and let him/her reveal the sex to you!

    Hope everyone else is doing great! I finally got my appetite back so I've been doing alot of catch up eating...yeah, I miss my food!
  7. BB, I thought about you today!! Any news? I hope you found out he/she is healthy!
  8. Yeah, BB...can't wait to hear your news!

    Congrats, chickpea! Your cake pops are soooooo cute and what a great way to announce!
  9. Hello ladies :smile:
    Thanks for thinking of me. Baby is fantastic but it decided not to co operate. Kept the legs tightly crossed and shut. No amount of proding and sugar (i got told to go for a 30 minute walk and eat a whole Mars bar) made him/her budge his/her legs. So I am going back next week on Wednesday... The suspense is killing me here :p

    How is everyone else doing with regards to feelings the baby move around? Mine seems to like to jump around when I'm about to go to sleep at night :p
  10. Awww...that's a bummer, BB! Oh well, I'm sure you'll get to know in a couple of days! Good luck!

    This weekend we took our DD to her first trip to Disneyland. We walked sooo much and I think I had a little bladder incontinence after about 6 hours of walking, sorry if TMI. But is that normal? I didn't get that with my first and even after delivery, I was fine (had a c-section). Maybe I over-exerted myself...not sure.
  11. I am not sure if that's normal ms.fashionista but I know that when I'm preggers I don't seem to be able to hold it in as much as before I have to go to the toilet a lot more often. I'd say that if it was a one off then maybe it's nothing to worry about, but if it is persisting then it would be best to see your doctor.

    I went in again today and my baby had his/hers legs crossed again. So no luck again today. Can't believe how stubborn this baby is! :p

    Going for a final attempt on Friday again just because I know I can be more stubborn than the baby :lol:
  12. 20 week scan tomorrow; hoping everything comes out okay (not that I have any reason to believe it won't). I can feel Baby moving around and it tickles like crazy!!

    Has anyone thought about names yet?
  13. I saw my little guy again yesterday! He was sucking his thumb and had no problems showing his goods again as I asked my OB to just confirm the sex for me so I can go on an all out shopping spree...LOL.

    And talking about movement, my little man likes to practice his kung fu moves on my from 12am to 5am in the morning! Then most of the day he's pretty quiet...

    As for names, we've thought of a few but have to see the baby to make the final decision...what about you guys?

    Good luck on your 20 week scan today, IBleedOrange! I'm sure everything is fine...just go and enjoy it.

    And good luck to you to, BB! Hope your bean cooperates this Friday! Is the suspense just killing you?! LOL...
  14. Well, Baby is alright, but I'm not. They think I have an "incompetent cervix" and have to go have a cerclage next week (where the stitch it shut). The doctor told me not to worry because they caught it soon enough (and there's an equal chance that I just have a naturally short cervix), but I'm still scared. I hope the little guy can hang tight until they get it closed up!
  15. IBleedOrange, with the stitching your cervix shut, is it a surgery type procedure? They'll actually be literally stitching it? I hope it all goes well for you and your little bub, and let us know how it all goes.

    My little one finally decided to be a good boy today by showing us his crown jewels!!! :yahoo: That's right, I'm having another boy :p