~ September 2011 Mommies ~

  1. I hope our weather turns around for your trip... it rained all day Monday and has been cold and windy. I want it to be in the 70s again; I'm sick of unpacking and repacking my winter/summer gear!

    I'm struggling with super-low blood pressure and constant fainting. The doctors have run a million tests but haven't yet pinpointed a problem. Their best guess is that I have something wrong with my heart that wasn't a problem until it was working for two.

    I hope both of you ladies are feeling better soon! Things are supposed to get better in the second trimester :smile:
  2. Hi girls! I'm due sept 8th and it's my first. I'm showing a little and only recently told my boss and coworkers.

    I hope you all feel better soon!
    Orange, I hope they figure out what's up with you. That's scary.
  3. We are leaving on Sunday and I think the weather is supposed to clear up by then...HOPEFULLY! I totally know what you mean! I am tired of wearing jeans and sweats...I want to pull out my summer dress now especially since my belly is growing, dresses are MUCH more comfortable!

    I hope the doctors find out what's going on with you soon...till then, take good care of yourself and don't over-exert!
  4. Welcome to the September 2011 thread, kmroboto! September 8 is my birthday :yahoo::yahoo:! I just started telling people too as I can't really hide it anymore. This is my 2nd baby and so I popped really early. I think I look like I am 5 months preggers!
  5. Went to the OB on Wednesday and I had a little bit of spotting so OB did an ultrasound. Saw the baby and it was wiggling around. OB didn't want to guess the sex yet but we made another appointment in 3 weeks where he said he will do another ultrasound and then reveal it to us if we want....hmmmmmm...I am still undecided but hubby wants to know!
  6. I've also got a blood pressure problem at the moment but mine if the opposite way to your. Mine's too high. I got diagnosed with high blood pressure with my firs pregnancy and right from the beginning while I was still in my 1st trimester. I got the same thing this time around. I had a whole heap of tests back in 2007 when I was 1st pregnant and then again after I gave birth but they never found anything. My doctors seem to think it is some kind of congenital issue that gets aggravated when I am carrying a baby but who knows... I'm just thankful that it can be controlled with medication and I hope they can do he same for your as well if they don't pinpoint the issue. Either way, the fainting sounds a bit hardcore so I hope they fix your low blood pressure problem soon :smile:
  7. kmroboto, congratulations!!!!!!

    ms.fashionista, your post reminded me of a friend of mine whose husband wanted to know the sex of the baby but she didn't. So at her 21 week ultrasound the ultrasound tech told my friend's husband only what the sex of the baby was and he was to not mention it my friend. But a week later my friend's mother in law sent them a card in the mail to congratulate them on havin a boy. :lol:
  8. Thanks ladies!

    Yeah, it seems pretty impossible for one person to know the baby's sex and not let the other person find out! Dh and I both want to know! My 16 week ultrasound is on Monday and I know it's unlikely that we'll find out the sex but it is possible!!!! I'm dying to know!
  9. I'm sure I'll decide to find out at the end...sigh. The Virgo in me will not let me stay away from knowing the sex! LOL :lol:

    I am feeling much better morning sickness wise but still feel super uncomfortable after eating...it's not indigestion, I just feel very "crowded" in there, like all my organs are being squished up. Went to my chiropractor and he said it's most probably because I breastfed my DD for 13 months, the act of breastfeeding kind of compresses everything in the torso area because of the position we are always in. So he massaged my rib cage (OUCH!!) to try to "open" things up. Feel a little better but have to see him another 3 more times in close succession for things to feel WAY better.

    Getting ready for Vegas tomorrow...WHOO HOO!!!
  10. ms.fashionista I hope you had an excellent time in Vegas!! I'm glad the weather was nice while you were here :smile:

    When does everyone get to find out (if they like) what they're having? My appointment is on the 16th, but I'm tempted to move it to either next week or the beginning of the second week of April... I just can't wait another two weeks!
  11. We had a blast in Vegas. Stayed at the Four Seasons so it totally didn't feel like being in Vegas at all. No smoky and noisy hotel lobbies...it was very relaxing. My DD enjoyed the wading pool while DH, the dog and I lounged in the cabana bed. Ate quite a bit...I think I gained 3 lbs on the weekend! LOL...

    Our next prenatal appointment is on April 15...DH cannot wait for the day to come! IBleedOrange, I would keep your appointment because the closer it is to 20 weeks, the more accurate the sex of the baby will be, if the baby cooperates. Sometimes they can't really tell when it's too close to 16 weeks. Let's do a countdown together! :smile:
  12. Glad to hear you had a fantastic time in Vegas ms.fashionista

    kmroboto, I think 16 weeks is a bit too early to tell, the degree of certainty associated with the baby's gender gets much better from week 19 or 20 onwards.

    I had an ultrasound yesterday (15 weeks, 1 day), it was more of a routine ultrasound to make sure everythign is OK because of my hypertension. I asked the ultrasound tech if she could tell the gender even though I knew what her answer would be :p but she did say that if she had to guess then she'd say it was a boy because it did look like there was male hardware there... I won't find out for definite though until my 20 week scan... sometime in the first week of May as I haven't actually booked it yet.

    Hope everyone is doing fantastic!!! :smile:
  13. Hi mommies!

    How's everyone doing today? I think my ms is finally gone and I can start enjoying food again. Although I feel like I don't drink enough water. Every time I drink water, I feel bloated. I feel like drinking a cold iced tea all the time but I don't because I don't want to consume too much caffine.

    Hope everyone is doing well! Less than 2 weeks before the "big" ultrasound! Who's counting down with me?
  14. I'll countdown with you!! My "big" one is the 26th but I just couldn't leave well enough alone, so I'm having one of those 3D/4D places take a look tomorrow. They "guarantee" to be right or they'll bring you back for a free session later, so I'll take their educated guess :smile:

    Also, since I'm doing this "on my own" and my doctor won't let anyone other than the Baby's dad in to see the 20 week scan, I though it'd be more fun to invite friends and have a party at a local place afterwards. Unfortunately, I want a frosty margarita so bad I can hardly stand it and I'll be stuck with sparking cider :p

    Is anyone else hoping for one sex or the other? If so, what? I want a boy so bad I can hardly stand it, but I'll just be happy with a healthy babes.
  15. Baby cooperated!! It's a boy!!!!!!