~ September 2011 Mommies ~

  1. Bump!!

    Just wondering how you beautiful ladies and babies are doing?

    Sean is 7 months old and wearing 18-24 month clothing. He just got his first tooth and has almost mastered sitting up by himself for long periods. Lots of babbling, but no words and no signs he'll be crawling anytime soon. He's absolutely enamored with the dogs, but only one of them feels the same.

    Eating rice off chopsticks:

    At the Museum of Natural History:

    Their favorite way to sleep:
  2. Hi ibleed! Thanks for bumping this thread. I was just thinking about you ladies! Sean is adorable, I really love the pic with the dog! How funny!

    Gracie will be 8 months next week. Wow, time is just flying by! This is such a fun age. She sits up great and is super close to crawling. She can sort of scoot around a little but mostly rolls. She loves to clap her hands and has 4 teeth! The bottom two came in a month or so ago and the top two poked through just this week!
  3. Aw, it's so great seeing our babies all grown up (or so it feels like). Sean is so adorable and Gracie is just beautiful!!

    Charlie is going to be 8 months on Wednesday, he's working on his 4th tooth now and he just started crawling on Monday! He's fascinated by the dogs, but they keep their distance as he likes to grab their tails and/or ears. He is still babbling and cooing, not even close to mama or dada yet.

    Here he is looking very happy (playing with his cars):

    Here he is looking very sad (refusing to nap):

    Here he is looking super cool (out at a park playdate):
  4. [​IMG]

    This is Oliver a few weeks ago. He's 7 months now. No sign of any teeth as yet. Lots of babbling and shouting. He's quite mobile, sits on his own and will sit up from being bent double and laid down, flipping and rocking around and scoots around in his little walker. He will stand up if he has something to hold onto so I don't think it will be long before we have to baby-proof the entire house. He's 20lbs at the moment. Loves our dog but as the dog is over 70lbs and a clutz then it will be a little while before they can nap together.
  5. Hi everyone!

    The kiddos are growing up soo fast! Ethan is 10 months and at around 9.5 months, he started standing up by himself. I think he'll walk before 11 months! He already took 2 unassisted steps the other day. I'm not ready for a walking toddler...I want my tiny baby back! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

  6. Hey ms. Fashion! I know, they really are growing up so fast! It's amazing how she changes every week. You're little boy is so cute!

    Gracie turned 10 months yesterday and likes to cruise around the room using the furniture for support. She can stand unassisted for about 10 seconds. I'm totally not ready for her to walk!

    Recently we've gone swimming a few times and she loves the water! It's crazy that she's almost a year old!
  7. ^^^

    AHHHH! She's sooo freaking cute and I love the ruffle diaper cover you have on her. Makes me miss having a baby girl. My 3 year old is 3 going on 13...lol. She is so independent and even lippy some days. lol... as for my son, he's a total mommy's boy. He likes to lay his head on my chest and just look up at me and smile. Makes my heart melt! They do grow up so fast...that cliché is a reality!