~ September 2011 Mommies ~

  1. I am finally comfortable shouting from the mountain tops that I will become a second time mommy in September! Twice last year I announced too early and my pregnancies failed to progress normally :cry:...naturally I was heartbroken and devastated. I had to stay away from the boards for a while... :sad:

    But last week I went in for my first trimester screen and the doctor had indicated that the baby looks very strong and growing healthily. I have also seen the peanut on my OB's ultrasound a couple of times before that.

    I am now a little over 13 weeks according to my LMP but my OB says that the peanut is a little bigger than my dates. I am due Sept. 20, 2011.

    I would love to share this experience with other September 2011 mommies! :yahoo: Come on in for some chatter if you are due in September!
  2. Congrats!
  3. Congratulations ms.fashionista :flowers:
    We are actually both due on the same date. I'm also due Sept 20th :nuts:
  4. Gahhh! How exciting for you :yahoo: Congratulations!!

    I'm due the 26th of September, but since this is Baby #1, I'm sure it'll be fashionably late and arrive in October.
  5. Congrats to all of you due in September! I am due August 20th with my third. Just wanted to drop by and say wishing all of you a happy and healthy 9 months!
  6. September 20 is my birthday! :nuts:
  7. Congratulations everyone!! :smile:
  8. Yay! We can be bump buddies!!! Congrats Brasilian_Babe!! Is this your 1st or 2nd? Are you showing yet? This is my second and I look like I'm 5 months pregnant! Yikes!
  9. Congrats IBleeadOrange! It's just so exciting isn't it?
  10. Thanks for the congrats everyone! Ride, Although I am due on the 20th, I will probably go earlier coz my 1st was 8 days early!

    My second pregnancy is so different from the first! This baby is totally kicking my ass and making me so sick and uncomfortable. With my 1st DD, I had such an easy pregnancy. I hope a tough pregnancy means an easy baby as my DD was a very high maintenance infant even though she was so good in the womb! LOL...
  11. Congratulations IBleedOrange! :woohoo:

    ms.fashionista, this will also be my 2nd bub too, my first also arrived early by a whole 2 weeks. At the moment I'm not showing yet. My morning sickness has been awful and I've gained no weight yet unfortunately. In fact so far I've lost 2kg. I think at the moment I'd just content with having a full meal without feeling like I'm about to be sick :p
  12. I lost 3 lbs so far and also haven't been able to eat as well but for se reason, my belly just popped! My husband says it's because the baby has nowhere to go but out since I am very petite. But I hope to feel better and find my appetite soon coz next week hubby wants to take us to Vegas so we can hit the buffet and fatten me up!
  13. ms.fashionista, was your morning sickness just as bad the first time you were pregnant? No luck for me in that department, mine is the same as my first time around. But hopefully it goes away soon, specially in time for you to go to Vegas!!! The weather is all rainy and cold here in Sydney now. I wish I was going to Vegas :p
  14. No...I had hardly any morning sickness when I was carrying my daughter! Maybe only a week from week 8-9. But I have had morning sickness with this one since week 7 and now we are in week 14, I still feel queasy in the afternoon. Funny enough, the mornings are the times I feel the best. I really hope it goes away soon too.

    We had torrential rain yesterday here in SoCal which is very unusual! I want our warm and dry weather back! heehee...

    Are you going to find out the sex of your new baby? We have another few weeks before we can find out but I really don't want to as I want it to be a surprise at delivery time since this is going to be my last but hubby on the other hand is totally gung-ho on finding out!
  15. I think I will find out the sex of the baby. I don't think I have enough self control not to. :p But my husband is also more keen to find out the sex of the baby than I am.

    :p I'm not usually sick in the morning either. The worst usually happens at night which is a real pain because I really struggle to keep my dinner down and wake up in the middle of the night starving. My husband found me eating icecream in the kitchen last night at 3am. Anyway, I've got my fingers crossed for you that your morning sickness goes away so you can eat up a storm in Vegas!!!!