September 20 TPF meeting in Charlotte SouthPark

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  1. Mods, can we sticky this new meeting? TIA!

    Our lovely me_love_purse, is coming all the way from Colorado to Charlotte in September, and will be at SouthPark Mall on Thursday, September 20. I'm driving up to meet her, and Prada Psycho will be there also. I know it's a weekday which is difficult for some people, but we'd love to have as many PF'rs as possible.:yahoo:

    Time to meet hasn't been determined yet. For those of you who haven't been to SouthPark, it's a primo mall--you won't be disappointed. Neiman's, Nordy's, LV, Tiffany, Hermes, etc. to tempt you.:drool:

    PM me if you think you may come!
  2. I would love to come. I'm not sure if I can pull it off since it is through the week. I'll know more as the time gets closer, but I would love to come again. I had such a great time the first time I was there.
  3. Oh yeah, if my doctor "fixes me" tomorrow, I'll be there with bells on. :yahoo:

    I'm even planning to put myself on a (GULP!) strict spending ban for the next seven weeks so my poor credit cards can cool off a bit before then. :blush:
  4. Good luck, Elaine. Positive thoughts headed your way tomorrow!
  5. boxermom.... thanks for putting this up. I would love to meet you adn the other ladies.
    piperlu, I hope you can come... keep us posted.
    prada, prayer and good thoughts for you....
  6. Thanks guys! I'm a total WRECK this morning. I'm hanging here until we leave in 15 minutes. My tummy is churning, the nerve in my spine is sending SCREAMERS down my leg in spite of eating Vicodin like it was candy(what else is new??) and I'm basically scared to death. Yes, I'm dreading the procedure, this one today is pretty complicated and quasi-serious, but my biggest fear is that it doesn't work. I never knew such pain was possible or for that matter that I could endure it for NINE MONTHS. It's been off and on the past 9 months, but the past 2 weeks it's been relentless no matter what drugs they give me, so I'm at the end of my rope right now. :cry:

    Oops, sorry! Didn't mean to hijack the thread. I'm just scared silly this morning and wanted to vent a bit. Back on topic: I always look forward to our shopping adventures at Southpark. DH is a pretty good shopping companion, especially when he pays! :roflmfao: but I LOVES my tPF gals!!

    I'll pop back to this thread sometime with a short update. I have no idea when it will be though. I'm being put into twilight anesthesia and have been told to expect a LOT of post-op pain this time. :push:
  7. Elaine, I hope they finally get you "fixed". This has been going on for such a long time. Let us know how you are.
  8. Have fun gals! Wish I could come down to see you but next time I'm in Charlotte, we'll hook up for sure!! Love that mall!! XOXOXO to you! (go pet a Chanel for me, OK?)
  9. ^^^You got it Teena! Next time you're in charlotte, I'll be there too.

    Instead of petting Chanels, you get to pet your beautiful horses! Have you posted a recent pic of Sunshine?
  10. Making this a sticky
  11. Thanks, Jill!:winkiss:
  12. I can't make it. I have to work. Too bad! We had such a great time before!
  13. ^^^Darn! I would love to meet you sometime, nathansgirl.
  14. Just saw this post, and would love to attend and meet some fellow PFers at SouthPark, but my work schedule is going to be hectic for September. So during the week is most likely going to be out of the question for me.

    Please keep me informed of any future Charlotte get togethers...I would love to come.
  15. I think I will try to come after all. That day won't be tied up with work like I thought.

    I would love to meet you too Boxermom. I really would like to set my sights on getting my first BV.
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