Sephora's cleanliness

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  1. I am a big nut over sanitizing products before trying them on in stores. I think sephora is a big Germ enviornment. the employees should be constantly cleaning the testers for people to use..Anyone else annoyed by this? I think its a good store but I just cant really try products on knowing they are full of germs.
  2. me me me.... I totally gets you, I am a beauty junkies and I went to sephora like a second home. I do agree that their testers are gross and full of germs... The SA were just taking to each other rather than sanitizing the products. But I carried with me a tiny spray bottle that I fill with rubbing alcohol, so I can sanitize what I wanted to test out. Can not believe that some people are just using these tester right off the tubes without even using the disposable applicators......gross!!!
  3. OP I totally agree with you. It seemed like when they first opened in our area cleanliness was important, but lately, I wouldn't touch those products with a 10ft pole.
  4. Ugh I definitely agree...I'll only try products on my hand, never on my face. I've never once seen the girls at my Sephora sanitizing anything.
  5. Everytime i go in there, all the employees are standing around chatting. So annoying. I only test out on my hand and use the alcohol they have on those stands there and then i take it off with make-up remover and then use hand sanitizer. My stomach turns when i see girls go in there and give themselves a full make-up and walk out. Not once did they clean anything!
  6. Until you mentioned it I never really thought about this, probably bc I never go any further than testing something on my hand. I am amazed at how many women go in there and grab a lipstick that was just sitting out (used by a lot of people) and go to town applying it to their lips. I don't know, not my thing I worry too much about germs and the sort.
  7. I totally agree!! I've yelped alot of Sephoras I've been to. I'm in the medical field and these people don't know how serious germs are!! GROSS!
  8. i never try the testers. Some of them have the lipgloss wand available for use. WTF? Not everybody knows to use the stick
  9. I never, never, never try on make-up - ever. The great thing about Sephora is that if it doesn't work, I can return it. I could care less about their cleanliness. I think that if you are going to try on make-up (anywhere), then you should know upfront that it is probably covered in germs/bacteria. I doubt that any store would have the ability to combat tester germs effectively.
  10. :goodpost:
  11. I feel like I need a shower just walking in the door. I carry alcohol swabs and antibacterial wipes for my hands before and after I touch ANYTHING in the place.
  12. Amen to this! Makeup testers are cestpools of germs. You can't get mad at the SAs that the tester is congested with everyones funkiness. Regardless of if they are standing around, they would have to walk every customer to what they were looking for and use a hazmat suit to clean it properly for someone else to use it.

    You're putting the tester on your hand. Not your eyeballs or lips. If you decide to test something (at your own risk), wipe if off after you've tested on your hand and use the hand sanitizer they keep next to the tester stuff.

    Only time I've ever got disgusted by something is when I went to MAC. When they have their lipglosses out, they take the wand out. This one dazzleglass, the MA must have forgot and this girl used it. That's different because MAC is the one testing and they try their hardest to keep things sanitized. I told my MA and she threw the lipgloss out.
  13. Totally agree - I swatch on the back of my hand and thats the closest a tester will get to me! Then an antibacterial wipe to wipe it off. So gross that people test glosses and l/s right on their lips...
  14. I only swatch skincare and cosmetics on my hand too at Sephora, and at all other beauty stores too. I personally think it is too icky to test on my lips or on my face.
  15. Ditto!