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  1. Hi I dont know if this has been posted ever or if I'm late in the game but I was in the store today and they have a points program! Apparently you get coupons for your why not?
  2. I signed up for their program and you get free stuff on your birthday. I get a free lotion! It's pretty cool.
  3. You also get free samples with online orders, sometimes samples in store, and 'test' / promotional / exclusive products. Looks pretty good.
  4. This is a great deal. You do get some pretty cool stuff.
  5. i think for every 100 points, you get a free sample or something like that. I just joined 2 days ago
  6. Whèèèèèè
    I love Sephora!
    Why won't they just put a damn Sephora in Amsterdam?! Or at least ship to the Netherlands!
  7. Thanks =D
  8. I was at Sephora today and signed up!!!
  9. Thanks for the heads up!
    I used to buy so much stuff from Sephora but ever since my obsession with TPF blossomed, I haven't shopped there as much. :lol:
  10. sephora coupon for free shipping on orders 25$ or more

    code "missyou"
  11. Free deluxe sample of Very Irresistible Givenchy with code: SPRITZ at checkout + Free shipping with orders over $75.

    This may be for "beauty insiders" only - sign up first!
  12. Thank you!! I got some great sale stuff and something else that i really wanted. :yes:
  13. Because then you wouldn't have an excuse to go to Paris! I missed Sephora in Amsterdam too. But they have them in lots of way more cool places like Barcelona and Cannes. Even one in Brussels would have been acceptable. They had a Muji there, why couldn't they have done a Sephora too. But at least you can go to Brussels for the excellent Longchamp sales, I am too far away now!
    Oh well, you really have my sympathy on Sephora!
  14. Does anybody understand how Beauty Insider "points" work. Every time I log in, it tells me that I have X many points in my Beauty Bank. Can I do anything with these points? Sorry to sound dumb but I don't get it.

    Never mind. I just found the spot on the FAQ page where it says every time you accumulate $100 in your Beauty Bank you can redeem it for an exclusive sample. I was kind of hoping the program worked more like the one on where 5% of what you spend is given to you in gift certificate form every quarter. Oh well!
  15. I saw a sign on that program at the Sephora here at La Cantera....didnt get a chance to go in and see what it was about though.....but I joined a club for them a while back..called "The Sephora In Girls", got a t-shirt, and letter, stating I would be testing products....etc..but to this day I only got one small sample of a scrub...still waiting...., oh and the shirt..was small......