Sephora Shopper Bag!

  1. Yep I got it in store, for me I think I'll keep it in my bags for when it starts raining and they need protecting, not sure what else I will use it for yet but it's cute and a good alternative to samples that I don't like/need.
  2. Buy girl, buy!!! ;)

    If no one is able to post pics by this evening, I can snap a few shots of mine. It came yesterday.

    Sadly, I was hoping it would be bigger! It is nice & thankfully is not stinky plastic!
  3. I went to Sephora yesterday but I ended up choosing a Philosophy sample over the bag. It's cute and simple though.
  4. I would love to see your pics! What is the fabric like?
  5. Looks cute! May have to go off of my makeup ban..
  6. Ooooh, yeah, pics please !!! I'd love to see it!
  7. EFF you guys! I forgot! :sad: Forgive me plz.

    I'm sending myself an email at home so I'll remember tonight ;)
  8. i love how sephora allows you to get 3 samples.

    the bag is great.
  9. Can't wait for my bag!!
  10. I got mine the other day and it is adorable:smile: I love it:smile:
  11. I didn't forget! I'm just slow :shame:

    The first one is compared in size to my AM "I'm Not a Plastic Bag". The middle one shows the how slim the sides are and the last photo is one of the other side of the bag.



  12. cute! I can't wait to get it. I got one and then placed another order just to get another one for my daughter.
  13. i just got mine. it isn't as wide as i thought it would be.
    more like a bv than a bh :lol: haha
    still seems good though.
  14. I just got one on WEDNESDAY while at Sephora and it is a great sized shopper! Make me want to fill it up with more MAKEUP!
  15. Thanks for the pics! Hopefully mine will come soon.