Sephora Shipments

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  1. Is anybody else having a problem with delayed shippping? I expected it to be slow because of the sale but this is the longest I 've ever waited. All of my orders still say "sent to warehouse." I placed them on Nov 2. Anyone else still waiting to receive their orders? I'm dying to try my new ghd iron!
  2. whoa that is long! where is the wearhouse at and what kind of shipping did you get? Also are you from the US?

    yeah i bought my ghd at sephora stupid me, i could've saved 50$!!! >_< but i dont have to wait for it i guess which is a good thing? lol
  3. I'm in the northeast part of PA. From what I read the warehouse is on the east coast so I can't understand why my orders are taking so long!
  4. oh yikes! i just bought a whole load of things last night, and i can't wait for them to get here. i'm in Buffalo, NY, so i hope i don't have to wait too long too :cry:
  5. That's really strange! I placed my order on November 2nd also, and my package is actually being delivered today (on the UPS truck as we speak). Could it be what you ordered? It seems like everyone is ordering GHDs lol.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I just saw that you did order a GHD. I wonder if it has anything to do with that.
  6. I have placed two orders-one on Friday, Nov. 2nd which I received yesterday and one on Monday, Nov. 5th-that one still says 'sent to warehouse"

    My 1st order was shipped out on Monday Nov. 5th via UPS from Maryland and I received it in 1 day (I am in NY)
  7. That's weird maybe you should call them?I ordered mine on Nov 3 and they should arrive tomorrow.
  8. I placed an order on the 2nd as well and got it today (ups ground) but it wasnt a GHD
  9. I placed my order on the 3rd and it still shows sent to warehouse, I ordered a GHD also, maybe that is what's delaying the orders.
  10. I also ordered a GHD on 11/2. Per my tracking information, all of my orders are now in my state, CA, and expected to deliver tomorrow.
  11. I ordered the 3rd products got here today (7th). About to go for round two!!!
  12. i ordered last friday and they shipped the items either on friday or saturday. My only gripe is that they took away from usps shipping so now only ups is free and it is SLOW.
  13. hm mine is just delayed by UPS. I hate UPS! I wish they would ship via fedex or usps but with UPS my orders are always delayed and I live right in NY.
  14. I'm having a problem,too.
    I ordered the GHD on Sunday afternoon, I recieved a order confim. but haven't recieved a shipping confirm. So I looked it up under MY ACCOUNT and today it said--shipped and paid for. So then I tracked it and I can't get any tracking info from UPS. It says --no records for that tracking #---greeeeaaat!
    I'm probably being impatient.....GAH!
  15. I placed an order on 11/2 and another on 11/4...both have been shipped from Baltimore, MD via UPS.

    ally24k, I know what you mean! I'm in California and I always picked USPS because UPS takes two times as long :Push: My 11/2 order isn't expected to arrive until 11/12! :sad: