Sephora Scent Sampler

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  1. How it works:
    1. Purchase the Fragrance Gift Certificate - For Her either as a gift, or for yourself.
    2. Sample the fragrances and choose a favorite.
    3. Fill in the enclosed voucher.
    4. Bring the voucher in to your local Sephora store and redeem it for the fragrance you've chosen.

    Plus enter code FIFTY for free shipping.
  2. that's a really cool idea! thanks!
  3. I've bought these as gifts in the past. They are such a great idea!
  4. I bought this for my mom last year & she LOVED IT!
  5. I got a sampler for my daughter and I know she's gonna love it. I was too late last year and they sold out. Really lucky this year cause I got it with the F&F 20% discount!
  6. Thanks for a great and different gift idea. I order 2 sets for gifts for hard to buy for friends.