Sephora Return Policy?

  1. Thanks for the analogy,a simple no would've been fine :p What about my Too Face: Romantic Eye Palette? Same question applies.
  2. I have many times been impressed by how nice Sephora CS is: why don't you just take your 2 palettes to a store and try? If you don't have the receipts, all you need is a valid ID. Worse thing that can happen is that they tell you "sorry, we can't take it back".

    Just my 2 cents, but IMO it's totally worth a try :smile:
  3. I have a question about returning sephora products.

    When you order something from sephora, do you return the promo code gifts along with the item?

    for example, you ordered the Justin Beiber perfume and they give you the free weekend bag? with the Code: JBTRAVEL. Do you have to return the perfume along with the weekend bag?
    Reason why i asked because im on a road trip in September and I broke my nike gym bag. I didnt want to buy another and Im wondering if i can keep the weekend bag and return the perfume?
    I know is mean to do so but i didnt want to buy another unless with a big discount.
  4. I shop at sephora ALL the time. I've tried new foundations a few times and ended up not liking them and have always been able to return them. I always had the receipt though. They have such good customer service that I'm almost positive they would at least give you an exchange or store credit.

  5. They won't ask you to give the promo gift(s) back.
  6. I've not had many problems at all, but I've always had my receipt. I've never had to give back a promo item.
  7. They won't ask for it back. If I'm returning the entire order or the product I'm returning was the only item in the order then I'll bring the promo code item back too. However if what I'm returning is only part of the order then I'll keep it. I've had times where they tell me to keep the bonus or that they can't take it back, but I've also had times where they say thanks and are surprised I'm bringing it back.
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  9. Sephora has by far the best return policy. You can read the whole Sephora return policy here but pretty much any item can be returned within 60 days.

    From 1-30 days its a full refund from 30-60 days its store credit. Hope this helps :smile: