Sephora Return Policy?

  1. If you don't have a receipt, will Sephora still let you make a return or even exchange (ie same product but just different color)?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. they should! shouldnt be a problem...
  3. Anyone can confirm either way?
  4. Sonya-- yes, they will. I used to work for them:smile: They just might have to look at your drivers license, etc. They probably won't give u a return, but DEFINITELY an exchange.:smile:
  5. Thanks so much. I got a bunch of Nars eyeshadows in colors I don't like. I just want different colors.
  6. I've returned lip gloss-unsealed that I bought on-line (never used of course) and they were very good about it. You should'nt have any probs, they have good customer service
  7. Would it be possible to exchange for different products? Like an eyeshadow for foundation? Or even get merchandise credit?
  8. Yah, can exchange it for something completely different. Or get a store credit.
  10. What is ULTA?
  11. Sonya, ULTA is a chain-store that's like a lower-end Sephora. While they do carry some mid-range items (like Too Faced, Clinique), the bulk of their merchandise is lower-end (Revlon, Cover Girl, etc.).

    I've exchanged items at Sephora with no problem... I think their return policy is pretty generous. Which NARs eyeshadow did you get?
  12. NARS April Fools and Sandra in the eye duos and Swing in the creme.
  13. with your receipt you get 90 days return on your form of payment
    without receipt you can get a store credit back or exchange for another item indefinately
  14. hi i used to work at sephora, they wont do returns but they'll definitely exchange it with something else
  15. would they still exchange if i already open the item?