Sephora pricing in Canada?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm really excited that Vancouver (well, more specifically Coquitlam) will be opening their first Sephora this Friday. I was wondering though, how do the prices compare to the US? I know a lot of US companies jack up the prices in Canada-but is Sephora the same? Or are the prices pretty comparable to those on the website/in the US stores?
  2. there's not much difference. ;)
  3. Sephora is opening in both Vancouver Downtown AND Coquitlam this Friday! So let's see.
  4. Hmm... I just bought this:

    in Orgasm/Laguna on the weekend and it was $50 CAD, compared to $37 USD.

    I was also looking at Sephora brand eyeshadow- $12 CAD compared to $10 USD (on website). I guess it depends on what you buy?

    I'm surprised Vancouver is only getting a Sephora now- Calgary has had 2 for almost two years!
  5. what i usually do to check the canadian prices. i usually go to the sephora website, click the items into the checkout basket. and when im at checkout i usually click on canadian checkout link. then the prices show up in CDN dollars. and its pretty accurate. hth.
  6. I find there usually is quite a difference. Some things are not a whole lot more but most are.
  7. there is quite a difference i think, like the UD 24/7 liners, US they're like 16$ and in CAN they're 21$ :tdown:
  8. I find all the prices in the Canadian stores are higher. When the dollar was at par I always shopped online because they would adjust the prices but they left them inflated in the stores.
  9. They are higher just as you would expect.

    Remember when our dollar was equal to the US for a short while? Well, Sephora did not initially reduce the prices, of course, but in their next shipments, they did make the prices more equal. It stayed like that even though our dollar was falling again and for that short time, buying at Sephora was a good deal. Now the stuff is back up again in price.

    I actually keep track of prices because I want to see if I should be ordering from on-line skincare stores in the States, so I keep a list of prices in my purse. Sephora's prices are high again.
  10. I agree, Vancouver is so slow!

    Bath and Bodyworks is also coming to Vancouver in the Fall, I think Calgary has theirs for almost a year now.
  11. check the website.

    Some items online are not the same price as those in stores.

    Some items online are very cheap, (conversion rate 1) whereas some others are pretty expensive (conversion rate 1.4).
  12. ^
    I think they might just be getting their first one?
    I don't live in CGY but I shop there alot and Market Mall is having one open on Sunday I think. Someone who lives there can correct me if I'm wrong.

    Sephora pricing is all over the place. Somethings are not much off others there is a crazy difference. All I know is it drives me bonkers to pay 28 bucks for my mascara.
  13. Oh yay, I am going to Vancouver soon, Where abouts it is opening?
  14. Downtown at Pacific Centre.
  15. And it opens today!!