Sephora order

  1. I'm so upset right now!! My valentines gift from dh arrived and I ripped into, it's a bottle of perfume i've wanted for awhile now. I didn't pay any attention to the celophane wrapping on the box, just opened it, to get to the perfume. The bottle is completely empty!!!! Now that I look closely at the cellophane I can see where someone cut it and taped it back, very, very carefully.
    Do I try to return it to sephora, I'm assuming that they are going to think that I did this and am now trying to return an empty bottle, but it's not fair that he paid a lot of $$ for it, and it's empty.
  2. hell yeah take that back!! wth?...
  3. omg!! thats terrible!!! good luck!!!
  4. Called CS, they were not surprised at all, and are sending a new bottle. Customer service was very nice:tup:
  5. wow that is so crazy! Good thing Sephora was very nice and accomdating to your situation but who the hell would empty out a purfume bottle ?

    with all the people having problems with the mail services..I'm now contemplate if i should even order anything online anymore.
  6. That's very nice to know they have good customer service.:smile:

    What a shock, though, that the bottle was empty.
  7. I once ordered a bottle of perfume from sephora along with a bunch of other stuff. The perfume had leaked all over the box. I took it to the store and they gave me a new one. I will NEVER order perfume through the mail again!
  8. wow! it's good to know that sephora has a great customer service...although it's kinda strange that the bottle you received was empty..
  9. I can't believe that happened! At least CS was able to take care of it for you.
  10. the same thing happened to me with a victoria's secret order one time - like 80% of the order had been removed and the box taped back up. you could see where they had cut it. i called and they reshipped what was missing. nice of them.
  11. I once ordered a cd to give as a gift and when the recipient opened it we realized the cellophane had been slit and retaped, and the cd was missing (it was one of those folded cardboard cases). It was so embarrassing for me, as the gift-giver :shame:
  12. Gee! The nerve on some people. I'm glad Sephora replaced it, though.