Sephora: No Holiday Gift Card Compact this year?!

  1. I went to my local Sephora and they had the "holiday" gift card out on display. Usually they do a ridiculously cute mirror compact that is different than their normal black one. But this year it was the black one in a decorated cardboard box. I was so disappointed. They did this to save $, but I'm still really sad :sad:
  2. Here's some examples of past compacts!

  3. Actually I want to say that they didnt do it last year either or they ran out. I ended up with 2 black compact with my Christmas giftcards and a cardboard box to go around them

    I have the cute little one with the lips from a few years ago
  4. Hm, when I got a gift card two or three years ago it came in the plain one.
  5. I got one last year that was plain. I don't know if that's just because the person that got it for me waited too long or they didn't do them. I have that one with the diamond pattern but I don't remember what year it was from.
  6. oh boo! i love the holiday special ones
  7. bummer, I hope they do get something cute this year!
  8. Blast from the past, I totally remember carrying around the diamond mirror in my purse! Geez.. I forgot all about that. The top silver one is really cute.
  9. They are just getting cheap on the little things that draws in customers, like the mirrors and their samples. I asked for a box to wrap my items in for xmas and the girl didn't want to give me a box and was all huffy about it. Geeze when you spend over $50 for a present the least they can do is kindly give me a box! They see how much we spend by our points so you'd think the SAs would try to keep us around!
  10. They really don't seem to cater to their customers on the same level that they used to. I'm to the point that I'd rather order from or shop with just about anyone BUT them. The brand counters in the department stores treat you like a freakin' goddess compared to what Sephora has turned into.
  11. Last year they didn't do the special holiday mirror. I've been collecting them for about 8 years and I was so upset last year that they didn't do it. I figured this year would be the same. Such a bummer.