Sephora lash plumper!

  1. as with most of the ladies here, i have placed a couple of Sephora orders in the past few weeks. with my second one, i signed up to be a 'Beauty Insider' and got a deluxe sample because i spent more than $100 - i'm usually not all about samples, but i figured i'd try the Lash Plumper because my other option was a grapefruit body wash, and i don't like citrus smells.

    Lo and behold, my order came today, and that stuff is AWESOME! It has some black pigment to it, so some people may find it ok to wear by itself, but i wore it as a basecoat. the little instructions said to swipe it through your lashes 15-30 times, so that's what i did, and my lashes did indeed look longer and it REALLY separated them out (i am both blessed and cursed with lots of long eyelashes - they love to stick together). i let it dry while i did the rest of my makeup, and then i went behind it with the L'Oreal Carbon Black Telescopic that i got last week on the recommendation of HubbaWubba (i was out of Inimitable and wasn't able to get to Atlanta to get another - Athens doesn't have a Chanel counter, woe is me!). Two quick coats, and WOW. No clumping, no sticking together, and every lash was perfectly coated.

    But I have good lashes - most anything can make them look pretty decent. Because of the way I smile, though, most of my mascara, no matter what kind i use, ends up in big raccoon circles underneath my eyes within a few hours. No matter what i use - waterproof, regular, primer underneath, etc, i'm always wiping away mascara from underneath my eyes. no makeup SA has ever been able to find a way to cure the problem. one Dior SA even recommended that maybe i should pull a Vicky B and stop smiling. most mascara also makes my eyes sting after a bit of wear and irritates my contacts.

    What was amazing, though, is that i put my makeup on at 1 p.m. before i went to work, i worked a full 9 hours at a retail job, at times breaking a sweat from moving large product, and over 12 hours later, every bit of my mascara is fully intact. it hasn't budged. not a single bit. i barely even get any residue when i pull on my lashes with my fingers, and with my normal mascara, i usually pull all my mascara off within an hour or two by doing this. what doesn't get pulled off ends up underneath my eyes. but not with this product on. the mascara stays where it should - on my lashes. it also apparently stopped my mascara from getting into my eyes, because they didn't sting AT ALL, and my contacts have never been more comfortable.

    the Sephora Lash Plumper gets pretty crap reviews on makeup alley, but it appears that all those girls used it as just a mascara - i just got the sample randomly, and i thought it was a base coat because of the name, and it works AMAZINGLY well for that.

    a girl at work even asked me if i had fake eyelashes on. by itself, it's not that great, but layer a mascara over it, and you've got an HG combo, i promise!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I saw it offered as a sample and I chose something else. I need to make another purchase this weekend, so I will see if it is still available for a sample.
  3. Amanda, I am glad you took my recommendation for Telescopic mascara. It's a pretty good alternative if you can't get the Chanel. I don't have the Sephora lash plumper, but I am going to be ordering the GHD iron and will definitely order that. I also have fairly long lashes so this is inspiring.

    BTW, a lot of times I disagree with the rave reviews on MUA. I am not a fan of the Dior mascara LOTS rave about. I think things take practice (like with the Telescopic). A lot of people think it is messy, but I find it to be awesome.
  4. cool. i got the deluxe sample of the sephora lash plumper as well! cant wait!
  5. i agree that the MUA reviews aren't always reliable, i find the DiorShow mascara to be really kind of average as well, even though everyone there loves it. I hate mascaras with traditional brushes, they don't do ANYTHING for my lashes since i can rarely even wiggle them in, so i'm willing to work with anything that has a nylon or plastic brush. the lash plumper has a regular brush, but since i'm not using it by itself, it didn't matter. it actually did a pretty great job of separating my lashes out, surprisingly. a little telescopic on top, and i was good to go.
  6. OOh, I chose it as a sample on my 4th Sephora order I placed last night. Can't wait to try it out!!!
  7. oooh, I used mine tonight as a mascara only and loved it!!!:tup:
    Also an Inimitable loyalist:heart: