Sephora: Instore samples

  1. This may be a silly question, but Im going to ask anyway: Does Sephora ever give out samples with purchases made in the store?

    Maybe they dont because youre able to sample everything while youre in the store, whereas online you can only look.
  2. i find that the employees usually toss in a few goodies at the register :yes:
  3. I think it depends on which Sephora it is and the cashier you get... or at least in my case.

    I get SO MUCH at this one I like to go to. They give me several of the same samples sometimes.

    The one I go to now (closer, more convenient) has a really rude cashier and she NEVER gives me samples. When I returned something once (I never opened it) SHE opened it and ripped it apart.
  4. If you are a sephora insider and have the insider card, they have some items at the register at great prices for sephora insiders only. Also, they have 3 different samples of items you can choose from that are larger than normal samples. Ive gotten those small perfumes, mascara, and eye creams before.
  5. I rarely ever get in store samples at Sephora, however since I am part of that beauty insider thing they have, I always end up with a deluxe sample when I purchase something.
  6. The few times I've gone to an actual Sephora store (in NY, Las Vegas, and Atlanta) I've had to ask them for samples. The cashier didn't include any on their own. This was before they came out with the Beauty Insider program though.
  7. yes! Im sure if you ask they would be delighted to toss some in you bag
  8. I always get samples at Sephora. I don't know why, but they just toss them in the bag. I always get them at Ulta too, except yesterday. I bought a bunch of stuff for gifts and I was expecting the cashier to include little packets of things, but she didn't.
  9. It definitely depends on who the SA is.
  10. They don't put them in my bag :sad: Even when I've spent a lot of money there.
  11. Maybe I should ask, because they dont even hint that they give out samples at the one I go to. It just opened in Sept. so that has something to do with it, but I would think that a Sephora that just recently opened would give away samples freely to attract customers.
  12. As an insider, I think for every $100 you spend you get samples. Sometimes there are tinier samples already stuffed in my bag. Also, I know they have samples in the back as I was debating on whether to get Dior Show and a SA went in the back and grabbed me a sample. However she was really secretive about it, I'm not sure if they're "supposed" to give them out. :whistle:
  13. mine only give me a deluxe sample if i spend over 100. otherwise they offer to make samples if i ask them. i never trust the sanitary-ness of stuff at sephora though so i'm always wary to try things on.