Sephora Gift Card... What to Buy?

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  1. Hey ladies and gents!

    My wonderful and beloved Mum :heart: got me a $120 USD gift card from Sephora now that she was on vacation in Dallas. Soooo, now I'm, debating myself as to what to buy! I have to order online because the nearest retail store is 5hrs away, and this is what I've come up with so far:

    -Sephora black travel mirror $6
    -Sephora clarifying shampoo $5
    -Philosophy oil blotting papers $10
    -Tarte Smooth Operator foundation $35
    -Shiseido eyelash curler refills $3

    All of this adds up to $59. Any ideas on what else I should be getting? I want a shimmery gold eyeshadow and maybe some blusher.. but I want to spend this gift card wisely!!

    Any ideas and product recommendations highly appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. what about a set of new brushes and a cute make up bag to go along with above.
  3. If you don't have good brushes, that's what I'd do.
  4. I like Cargo's blushes, all depending on your coloring but The Big Easy is pretty universal....also maybe try NARS Orgasm or check out their new fall line.

    maybe get some CD lipglosses (TDF) or some brushes too.
  5. Look at for eyeshadow colors from Urban Decay. They have lots of shimmers and metallics, all priced very reasonably. Have fun!
  6. Some products that I've heard rave after rave for are...
    -NARS Orgasm blush
    -Urban Decay Primer Potion
    -Too Faced Snow Bunny bronzer
    -Stila Kitten eyeshadow

    I'd say those are safe bets.
  7. +1 for NARS Orgasm blush.
  8. another vote for Nars Orgasm Blush.
    Also, Stila eyeshadows are simply the best. Great colors (I like kitten and Jezebel) and wonderful application. You really can't go wrong.
  9. Another vote for NARS Orgasm blush. I just bought a Cargo blush and love it - Molokai. It's very natural. I also bought the Fresh Sugar Lychee candle from Sephora and I love it. The Ojon hair care line is awesome as well.
  10. I'd go in and play with make ups so you really spend on what you truly want.
  11. +1 on UD eyeshadows and Primer Potion
    +1 on Nars Orgasm (their blush is the best, I want to get like 10 of them)
    +1 on Cargo blushes and bronzers

    Also love:

    Make Up For Ever Base/Primer - the best primer, so superior to smashbox. Really helps you achieve perfect skin all day long.

    The UD Urban Arsenal would be an inexpensive way to try a lot of great products:

    This Cargo set is a lot for your money with some universal shades:

    This is also a good deal:

    Is there anything you are looking for specifically makeup wise? I would be weary of ordering foundation online unless you already know your color.
  12. that was my first thought when you said shimmery gold! I used it lightly as a highlighter in the day, then I could use it on the lids at night. It was a very pretty color - I need to repurchace!!!! :drool: