Sephora- Free Metallic Clutch with 11 Samples with $50 order

  1. Oh I got this deal a couple months ago... actually maybe in like December haha
    I have it and I loved it!
  2. ugh! I just ordered $50 dollars worth of stuff last week when they were giving away the free eye cream. It just shipped out yesterday.

    Oh well, i still got three samples, and free full size eye cream, which i like better than the 11 samples :p
  3. Hm... my boy is going to the US next week so I've been considering a Sephora order (I buy things and send them to his hotel!). Thanks for the heads up :smile:
  4. i dunno.. these look like those cheap samples that you can only use once :sad: I don't like those. i prefer the little bottles that clinique likes to give as "gifts." Those are perfect for traveling!
  5. Ahhh! I should have not traveled to the nearest Sephora and order online instead!!! For 487 i had to pay taxes + not getting anything free other than a couple samples from my SA! :sad: