Sephora Free Make Overs?

  1. Hi All!
    My little cousin is having her formal soon and wanted me to ask if anyone knew if Sephora had free make overs? And if not what do they charge?
  2. I don't know about Sephora, but have you tried one of the higher end dept stores? Nordies is known for the free makeover. Generally with the mid range dept stores, they have like a 2 product purchase for a makeover. But Nordies and Saks and NM will do it for free.
  3. I've been to Sephora where they gave me a make-over,I wasn't charged, the S.A was trying to help me pick out good colors for my skin, but I don't know if for a particular event if they would charge or not.

    I don't see too many make-overs in my Sephora as much as I see at the MAC counters, I know they expect either a purchase or no purchase and tip in some stores.
  4. You can ask them to be sure.

    I gotten a make over on 1 of their events. But I felt obligated to buy so I spent about $100 and tipped her also.
  5. some stores do it differently but at my store we only give 15 minute consultations, you pick one thing to focus on and we'll spend the time giving you a lesson on that... if you want to learn smokey eyes or find the perfect lipstick or find the right products to acheive a flawless complexion... if you want the works we will apply it to half of your face and you can copy on the other side. if we are really dead and there are like 6 people working, we might sit someone down and do a full makeover if they are really looking to buy everything we apply. as far as events, we will take you a week or two before the even and show you how to do your own makeup, fill out the face chart and you can purchase the products to replicate the look, but we never do makeup on the day of an event just incase something goes wrong, an allergic reaction, you don't like the way we applied it, we are short staffed and you have to wait an hour, we're just covering our butts because it is a FREE makeover and not worth that hassel if something DOES go wrong. some girls from my store will go to their clients houses and do makeup for parties but they charge alot. again, call your sephora nearest you because i know some of the bigger stores have people specifically to do makeovers so they might be able to accomodate events.

    i hope i was able to help. good luck!
  6. Thanks for the tip ladies