sephora family and friends?

  1. does anyone know when the next sephora family and friends is going to be? thanks!
  2. i asked yesterday and the SA told me around the holidays.
  3. are there any sephora codes out there?
  4. I love sephora -- hope someone has a code :smile:
  5. I'm not sure if you can still use Future1. Deluxe sample available with other samples, one of which is a really cute little bottle of Dior J'adore. Always free shipping over $75
  6. Friends and Fam saile is always around Nov 20!
  7. are u sure? i rememebr last years being in july or august
  8. last year is around Thanksgiving week, I know for sure because I MISSED IT, i was out of town that week
  9. I got the j'adore perfume sample!! I hope it smells good!!
  10. It's been in nov. for the last 4 yrs, as I've ordered from it every year. I'm just discovering purses, but I'm a makeup whore! Something specific from sephora..remember w/****** or fatwallet & other web sites' sales, you can often find good deals elsewhere. HTH!
  11. Usually November
  12. Ooooo how I wish they had sephora here. They have it in Italia "i think." :biggrin:
  13. Is F&F only once a year in November or do they have another time during the year as well?

    I hope there is one soon.
  14. I think there's only on F&F each year for 20% off. It was in November last year.
  15. i agree that it has been in november for the past 4+ years and for 20% off.

    they always have free shipping for orders $75+