Sephora F&F

  1. Last year, it was later on in November but I just read on another forum that it might start on Nov. 3 this year.
  2. oh interesting. Last year it started on Nov. 18th so it definitely is coming up. Does anyone have the code or info? I almost ordered some stuff from Sephora last night but remembered the f&f so i held out.
  3. oh I didn't even know Sephora did F&F .. now I'm excited :smile:
  4. ^^ yea it's usually 20%
  5. Lots of rumors...nothing definitive yet.
  6. I just checked my records and last year it was November 18th (gotta love gmail searches, lol).
  7. I've been googling "Sephora F & F" Daily for the last 3 weeks and nothing yet. =T
  8. i would love to know also!!
  9. I remember it was in mid-November last year as well...i have been waiting for it too.
  10. My manager's friend is a manager at Sephora. I'll have to ask her to find out.
  11. Hmmm... I've ordered from Sephora for years and never even heard of them having a F&F. Where have I been??? Can someone tell me how it works? Do they pass out coupons or is it a code sent through email?
  12. I hope someone finds out soon!! I have been needing some more face wash and fekkai hair serum stuff... I am willing to wait if its soont hough! Thanks!!
  13. I'm curious as well. Anyone care to share?;)
  14. yeah i've been dying to buy stuff but have been waiting for the F&F to do so :p
  15. i need to get some stuff and i've been waiting for f&f. dying to find out the sale date!