Sephora doesn't carry Chanel make-up anymore???

  1. I remember Sephora used to carry Chanel make-up and skincare in stores and online but now they only carry perfume. What happened? I know Chanel is trying to be more exclusive with their bags and RTW but make-up??? Same thing? :shrugs:
  2. My local Sephoria has never carried CHANEL but it sure would be great if they did..
  3. ^^^Not all stores carried it. I think only big ones did. It was so convenient for me!
  4. Ohhh... I love Sephoria but I hate when im makeup shopping to have to go there and somewhere else for my CHANEL.
  5. I know!!!! That's why it was so convenient! And I hate going to department stores for make-up because some SAs there just attack you and pressure you into buying something!!! It's so much better at Sephora because you can browse on your own but if you need help, someone will definitely help you.
  6. My Sephora used to carry Chanel too, and stopped. Same for my local MACYS! (One in the middle of nowhere, where I attend school.) The SA there said they're trying to make their makeup counters more exclusive too.
  7. Our nearest Sephora doesn't carry Chanel makeup either. Sucks!!
  8. That sucks, I'm sorry everyone. I buy my Chanel makeup at Saks anyway.
  9. That's too bad. I buy almost all my makeup at Sephora. I guess I won't be trying Chanel anytime soon. This is a really dumb business move on their part.
  10. I know! Isn't it terrible?!? I was going to buy Chanel makeup with the Sephora F&F and was surprised that I could only find the perfume online...
  11. Hmmmm... looks like they overexpanded their line. Stila Cosmetics did the same thing-- they got rid of their counters except for Sephora. Still don't know how MAC Cosmetics does it...they have counters almost everywhere it seems and they seem to be growing!!
  12. I was wondering about this too. My Sephora never carried it in their store, but I could've sworn I had seen it on their site. I usually buy my Chanel make up at Nordstrom or Saks though, so I guess it's not a big deal... but I make more trips to Sephora than anything so it would've been more convenient.
  13. They used to carry it online, and stopped last year. The older Sephora stores carry Chanel, but not the newer ones. But maybe they're beginning to phase out those too?

    Chanel is becoming annoyingly snobby. I thought price alone should be enough to maintain "exclusivity"... whatever.
  14. My nearest sephora is 2 hrs away from my house so I usually buy my makeup from the Nordie's near my work anyway...just a matter of convenience...but luckily I have the BEST Chanel SA ever so I will be taken care of as long as she's around...but people in Oregon tend not to be as pushy with things like that...
  15. I think Sephora stopped carrying Chanel a few months ago. I stopped by the SF Sephora at Union Square to pick up glossimers and was told by the SA that they no longer carry Chanel because of the contract negotiation falling through... :confused1: