Sephora Collection x Minnie Mouse

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  1. I normally don't post in the beauty forum however I think the Sephora collaboration with Disney is definitely a reason to do so! The collection was released online this weekend and should be in-store mid-week (perfect for those who want to purchase during the sale). Here's a picture of the collection on Sephora's website: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459747683.962987.jpg It includes 8 items: a handheld mirror, a compact mirror, a blush, a brush set with stand, eyeliner duo, a lipstick, a set of lip-glosses, and an eyeshadow palette. I tried to include a link but it redirects to an error page; however if you search Minnie Mouse on the Sephora website the collection shows up.
  2. Thanks! I definitely want the Reflection of Minnie compact but the site says that the Minnie items are unavailable?? Which sale are thy having this week?

  3. I think the compact is going to be quite popular, it'll somewhat fill the void of the unreleased KSNY coin purse. I'm looking at the blush, mirror, eyeliner duo and lipstick. They're having their semi-annual sale, 15% off for VIB/VIB Rouge and after that, 10% off for BI.
  4. These were out at Sephora today. Very cute! I ended up grabbing the palette, blush and liners.

    The Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette was out today too. Just a heads up as they said most stores will only get a very limited number of the Sweet Peach Palette, my shop said they were limited to 50 and would not restock. They didn't even put out a tester palette due to the limitation.
  5. Glad I got my hands on the compact- they're already out of stock online.

    Did you get the Minnie tote?

  6. Sorry for the late reply, exam time! I had someone put everything on hold last Wednesday when they received stock and picked up the following items from this collection:
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460478283.374264.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460478300.691110.jpg
  7. The pieces are super adorable
  8. Soo cute! You're so lucky Regina, enjoy them!
  9. Thank you! The packaging is just as cute️
    Thank you! I'm hesitant about using lipstick and blush only because of the imprints and details on both
  10. Gah, I waited to long to order the lip colors and they sold out online. Ah well.

    Its a cute set though over all, kind of makes me hope that a Dutchess, Marie or Miss Bunny set could be a future Disney collaboration theme.

  11. I was hesitant at first too when purchasing and was only planning to get the mirror but was happily surprised by the quality of the other items - I'm loving the eyeliner duo! They definitely need to do more collaborations like MAC does.
  12. Liners came in the Mail today, so adorable with the little Mickey charm great value

  13. The charm is adorable! I kind of want to keep it but have absolutely no use for it.
  14. So cute! I think Jambeauty89 on YouTube did a review on the few items she picked up.
  15. I like the compact though I never carry one with me. I'm really interested in the lipstick. It's something like "true red" and I only hesitate because reds turn very pinkish on me. Has anyone tried it yet?