Sephora Collection Clear Signature Cosmetic Cases

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  1. Anyone have the clear cosmetic cases from Sephora? I'm looking to buy either the medium (?, Item # 1253392, $9) or the large (Item #1253426
    , $14), but there are no dimensions listed for either one!

    If anyone does have one, could you let me know what the measurements are?

  2. I don't have these ones specifically, but I had some sephora ones that were the same size and shape, just opaque, not see thru. I liked them at first until I upgraded to a nicer set (but I travel almost weekly so it was worth it to me). If you just want something at a good price that's fairly simple then these are fine. They are a good size and are easy to clean (damp paper towel to wipe the inside).

    Just remember...friends and family sale is Oct. 21 (20% off). So if you don't need them right away, i'd wait a few weeks and save a few dollars =)
  3. Just saw you wanted measurements---I don't know exact...the smaller one would be the size you'd use in your handbag. I don't know if you're familiar with LV but I'd say it's around the size of their cosmetic clutches, except more square (so more room than the LV ones). As for the larger ones. I used mine for my skin products, toothbrush holder, makeup wipes etc and then another for all of my makeup when traveling. They are maybe the size of a smaller laptop screen? so large but not too large. But definitely too big to carry in a handbag--more appropriate for traveling.
  4. Well that helps, this would mainly be for my gym bag so simple and clear is pretty much what I'm going for!

    Also, I'm definitely waiting for the F&F sale. My shopping basket is just waiting, haha! :smile: