Sephora book (The Ultimate Guide to Makeup, skin...)... Anyone has it??

Mar 13, 2006
I got Sephora catalog in the mail and on the back they advertise this book...

Anyone has it? If so, what are your thoughts? Does it have many pictures/illustrations (are they of celebrities, models, etc?). Is it worth the money?? Sephora is currently out of stock and stores don't carry it (I called one of the local stores and the SA I spoke to thought I was nuts!) but if it's a good book, I'll hunt it down! LOL

Thanks! ;)


Sep 18, 2007
The book hasn't come out yet! (April 15th) Just to let people know, it's cheapest to buy from Barnes and Noble if you have a membership there, only $15. But amazon has a good price too.
Mar 13, 2006
^^^ I didn't know if hasn't come out yet!!! Thank you for letting us know that!! I looked on Amazon and didn't see it there. I figured that it was Sephora ONLY. I'll be sure to check it out at B&N!!

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Jun 24, 2007
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If you're still unsure, I would wait a few weeks after its been released and keep checking back to the Amazon website. Buyers usually leave informative, detailed reviews about the products theyve purchased and I personally have found these very helpful (its what made me purchase Makeup Your Mind by Francois Nars!)
But im very interested in this book... But i live in Australia so i might have to wait :sad:


Jan 8, 2007
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I just received this book from Amazon two days ago. It has pictures, not many of celebrities. It has seperate chapters. One is on how to apply false eyelashes. There is a chapter about bronzer/tanning, I think. and in the back there is a shopping guide with 100 of sephora's best products that you can buy. Plus there are quotes from the creator of Too Faced, and Frederic Fekkai about beauty, and other sephora beauty makers quotes too. It is definently worth the money and the pictures are nice too.