Sephora blacklisting loyal customers...?

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  1. Hmmm... I have been trying to order an eyebrow pencil for my friend and I and the order has been cancelled multiple times. The item is in stock and I've double checked and triple checked my cc details.

    I've since done some research and it appears that Sephora have been banning/blacklisting people from their website who:

    1. Buy too much :huh: - A lot of the VIB Rouge members are being caught out and their accounts are allegedly blocked and under investigation according to comments in the beauty forum on the Sephora site. For the record, I'm guilty as charged - I went mental during the VIB sale. Here I was thinking I would be rewarded as a loyal customer...

    2. Return too much - I can totally understand this being an issue for Sephora. I'm in Australia and pigs might fly before returning used cosmetics will be allowed, just because you don't like it. For the record, I have never returned anything to Sephora.

    3. Use coupon codes too many times (but I note that it was clear that the VIB code could be used multiple times).

    4. Make too many small orders as a VIB Rouge member and hence abuse the free shipping perk. For the record all my orders so far have been >$50 except this latest eyebrow pencil order I have been trying to make.

    Has anyone else experienced any similar issues?
  2. How do you buy Sephora if your in Australia...mail forwarding service?
    Maybe if your using an aussie cc they are changing on that because I know a lot of american sites will not except international cc's!
  3. #1, #3, and #4 leave me like " :confused1:"

    Buy too much? User coupon codes too much? Using free shipping on small orders too often? I hope this is all hearsay and nothing more because if it really is true, Sephora has lost their mind. lol
  4. I think it more likely that S. is having problems with your CC for whatever reason, or that there is a conflict between what you are ordering and its ability to ship to whatever country you are requesting.
  5. Your best option is to contact Sephora directly
  6. Ok I'm guilty of #1,3 and 4 but this is the first time I heard of this. And no, I have not experienced anything like it either. My suggestion would be to call their number directly and find out what the problem is. It could be something totally unrelated to the reasons you listed.
  7. I agree with DC-Cutie. Call Sephora and see what's going could be something simple like an issue with your CC, shipping or billing address, etc.
  8. No, this is a very real thing, just check the MUT boards.

    It's an algorithm and it doesn't really have anything to do with placing too many under $10 orders or taking makeup back WITH a receipt, just without one. But they ARE totally flagging and banning Rouge members who are "spending too much" because they suspect them of being resellers. People aren't talking about it because they don't know, but it's bizarre. It's like since Rouge started they haven't updated the algorithm the computer uses to detect these things (like a CC company does), so if you place TOO MANY ORDERS (because you have free shipping and so you're using it and buying more than you would online usually), you get flagged. It's freaking crazy.
  9. Here's one such story. Remember, this has happened to about 5 Rouge girls on this single board in a couple of weeks, not including girls talking about it happening to them on Sephora's own board.

    Her first post:
    I have been banned from shopping with online sephora. I'm a vib rouge who placed a handful of small orders along with bigger orders varying between $30 and $90. With the holiday season here pretty much I had placed a lot of orders big and small for my self and to gift to family and friends during this month of November alone. I said sorry and begged sephora to give me the benefit of the doubt that I did not mean any wrong doing. I was not aware of the terms and conditions or at a minimum I wasn't clear on their rules. I wish I had know then I could have tried to group my orders together and limit how many orders I placed.

    Please tell me I'm not the only vib rouge who has been told they can no longer shop with sephora online. Is there anyone who is in the same boat as me?

    I have shopped a lot at sephora because I love shopping at sephora online. After spending so much money thier, being a vib rouge I feel like they have just cut me off. I was told I may try later, but to try much later after holidays or even more and they MAY look into it again.

    I think I'm banned.

    I think I will just shop elsewhere, where I am treated well and appreciated for spending money there.

    Sorry for the rant. I'm just so upset"

    She didn't do any returns and made only a couple of purchases under $25. Remember, Rouge members are supposed to be able to place as small an order ($1) as they want as often as they want (I had several CS reps confirm this for me).

    When she finally figured out what happened:

    "They actually said they suspect I'm a reseller! Why because I have a lot if money to spend and I choose to spend it with them. Their profits off a customer like me was pretty good. I use everything I purchase or buy it for the purpose to gift to my family and friends. I read an article recently online retailers can ban you for shopping a lot with them and they suspect you of wrong doing. Perhaps most people place orders here and there. Maybe it's a good thing I can save my money for other things. Still it has left a bad taste in my mouth and I won't be dropping any $$ there again"
  10. It's true. :
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    They'll still let you spend your thousands in the store but not online. Oh, the irony. :shocked:
  12. what is a vib rouge member anyway?? never heard of it.
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    I'm so glad I've been over Sephora for years now! There is no way in hec I would accept being treated the way they're treating VIBs & Rouge Memebers. It appears this Rouge program could very well have been a set-up all along for them to catch people they suspect of fraudulent activity.
  14. I am aghast, reading this.

    If that happened to me I would never spend my money there again. It's completely insulting.

    Could that company REALLY be LOSING money to the secondary market? I don't believe it.
  15. After contacting Sephora direct I found out all of my orders were being cancelled all of a sudden because one or more criteria violated the Terms of Use (they did not specify which).

    A Sephora mod on the BT forum contacted me shortly after that in fact Sephora did not like my shipping address any more - a parcel forwarder and that I was welcome to ship to another address. I have not tried this yet to see whether it would work.
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