Seperated at Point of Sale

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    The "Tracy by Honda"
    Chloe-Tracy.jpg images.jpg
  2. Hahahha!!! You're right! It would be cute/funny to see someone getting out of their Honda Element with that Tracy!
  3. This is so pitiful. I was eyeballing another tPF'rs purchase of a Tracy the other night thinking it was soooo cute and envying it.
    Early this morning at a red light I looked up and ...low and behold there was a mobile Tracy Bag with wheels going through the intersection!!!! I had this overwhelming need to follow it! :nuts:

    When I got home later I thought I would share it with yall. I knew yall would understand!!
  4. Hehe maybe it was a sign you must get that bag...?:graucho:
  5. he he definately, Have to say I love my chloes but not a fan of this bag
  6. YES - HaHa - We should check, maybe a designer from Honda is interning at Chloe!
    mlredo, I saw the Tracy over the weekend, (someone was carrying it - same color).
    Not a fan either, although I think I might like the east west zip top version on NM site.
  7. LOL!!! :roflmfao:
  8. Way to funny. Now I'm going to be looking for Chloe on the road.