Separation Anxiety, Help!!!!!

  1. :hysteric: i just put my new (1 month old) coach carly (large, black) on eBay to sell along with my patchwork (denim) tote...there are a couple of other bags i want so i'm selling these...why is it SO hard to part with bags!!!!
  2. oh, i understand! i just listed 6 bags on eBay!
  3. I completely feel your pain - I have a couple bags I want to sell, but every time I go to take pics, I somehow can't bring myself to do it!
  4. LOL... I feel your pain... search for the word "Urgh" and you'll find the thread where I actually deliberated for an ENTIRE day... I think its because we associate a certain thing, time, or feeling with them...

    Good luck!
  5. Same here!!
  6. hopefully your bags will find a new loving home. its ok, we are all here to support you during your seperation.
  7. I just sold off over half of my legacy stuff and other half is up for sale this week. I found out I wouldn't have my contract renewed - budget cuts - and all the stuff I love is going. Oh well, easy come, easy go, I guess!
  8. Hmmmm Ebay Id's allowed here? LOL:yes:
  9. oooohhhh, I know that one! What's worse is that I have all the pictures of my bags still on file in my computer...and whenever i look at them, it makes me want them all again:crybaby:.
  10. i feel the same way everytime i put one up! i just let go of my little legacy sripe pouch and even that made me sad. maybe a tpf gal will get yours and at least you know it's going to a good home to be loved! :yes:
  11. i'm new to the forum...are we allowed to give out our ebay ids? thanks for letting me know!
  12. absolutely NO giving out ebay id's!!!
  13. OH MY, I know that feeling, I just look at them in my closet about to go and I feel a loss. I have to bring back my satchel today the canvas Andrea Hamptons, but it is really too much money. I would buy your blue tote if I see it. I love, love that bag. At least it would have a really nice to other Coaches..Lynn:love:
  14. I thought this too - at first. When I got the new catalog that thought went out the window. You know, it might take a season or two, but there is always new and better stuff. I did keep a few of my favorites - My Ali and Shoulder Bags, a large wallet and my bracelets (because they were used and because I liked them most!)
  15. I hear ya, songofthesea!

    I just listed my Taffy on Ebay too! (THIS IS NOT MY EBAY ID, BTW)
    Too small for me!
    My Garden Tote. A bag I haven't used.

    The anxiety will pass. Once you get a new bag!:yahoo: