Separation Anxiety (from me!) when leaving my daughter..

  1. Classes started up again for me this week, and I've been an emotional wreck :crybaby: My husband's office is near where I go to Uni, and I can walk there within a few minutes. Our daughter goes to work with him (owns his own business, so it's all good) while I'm in classes and I go visit them during my longer breaks. Even though I know she loves being with her dad and Bart has no problem with this, I still feel mega guilty by leaving her even if it is for only 3 hours (max) at a time. :s

    When Hubby has a meeting to go to, the baby will go to my University's Child Care center, which is in the same building as my classes are and I'm welcome to come in and visit. They've also got a webcam so parents can see what their kids are up to during classes.

    Ladies, how did you get over the "I'm leaving my baby" thing?? I know what I'm doing is the best for all of us, but I just can't help but feel guilty for leaving her. She doesn't seem to have a problem with me going - I'm the one who's got the problem! :crybaby:

  2. I wish I had some good advice to give, but I feel the same way, my daughter is 17 months old. People keep telling me it gets easier, but so far it is still very tough for me :girlsigh:
  3. I totally understand. Last week DH and I wanted a nice evening out alone and went for an opera whilst leaving DD with family. By the time intermission rolled around (1.5 hours later) I was desperate to get home - and so we did. I still don't know the ending of the opera :p
  4. As the mother of 3 boys, I can tell you it does get easier. At least your little one is happy to see you go, one of my boys used to scream the child care centre down when I left. That is tough!
  5. Thanks you guys. Today was a little bit better, but still hard - I still cried. :cry: I hope that this will get easier...and soon! I dunno if I can handle walking into classes trying to hide my tears and sniffles for much longer, lol :s
  6. I can't stand the thought of leaving my daughter for more than a few hours. I'm gonna go crazy when I am stuck in the hospital for 4 days. She has to go to my moms for a week:sad:
  7. In a way, I feel like I'm losing my baby - know what I mean? I know it's just for a few hours and that I've been away for longer, but that's when she was asleep at night and DH and I would go out and my mom would watch her. In a way, that didn't "count" because she wasn't awake and she wasn't constantly doing new things. :s
  8. I went through that with my son. I was working full time and my MIL was watching him. I always felt sooo bad becuase I was missing out on everything!! Someone else even gave him his first haircut while I was at work!!! :cursing: :crybaby: My DH called and told me. I was crying I was soo upset. I don't understand how they thought it was there right. Because little things like that are a big deal to a new mom! I'm glad I'm there for my daughter, but I'm so attatched I can't stand to be apart from her!
  9. Don't feel bad!

    My son is in 6th grade and went to Outdoor Education with his school. He left on Monday and will be home tomorrow. I miss him but I know he's having the time of his life!
  10. Welcome to the world of motherhood!

    I totally understand what you feel. I've been there. I had to force myslef to walk away and tell myself that my kid needs new experiences, needs new people and it is beneficial to him if I am not always around.
  11. My son is 17 months and I still get sad leaving him when I have to go to work, but on the other hand I really do enjoy having adults around to talk to (single-mom). I love him so much, but like someone said they need to learn to be around different people and have new experiences.
  12. I know how you feel. I hate leaving dd. The longest dh and I have left her with my mom was about an hour or so. The other day my dad told me and dh to pick a date night and go out for a few hours, while him and my mom watch the baby. I kept thinking, "I'm so not ready for that"!
  13. oh wow - that is hard. my son spent a lot of time with my parents early on which really wasn't a big deal for me. now that he is 15 months he is going to a day care centre/ kindergarten kind of thing. honestly, it was time for him. he was sooo bored at home and now he has friends to play with. he cries when I leave him but they are so cute there that I don't feel bad about leaving him.

    my point is: it will get much easier. btw, for me it is not the quantity but the quality. I spend the rest of the day with him until he goes to sleep - then I spend the rest of the night working again. you will feel better with every day, I am sure.
  14. Am a working mom, so I have to leave my son with my mom or my sister everyday...the first few days were not easy, I always called home every hour to check how my baby was doing....but it got much easier...

    The most difficult moment was when I had to go training abroad for a week...I cried for 4 nights in a row!:crybaby:

    I agree with lara0112, quality is what most important....I always try not to stay late at work and go home straight I can play with my son before he goes to sleep and be the one who tuck him into bed and read him bedtime stories...
  15. Thank you everyone! It has gotten easier since I originally posted this and I'm not crying as much anymore :smile: Yesterday was Julia's first day in our on-campus day care center since DH is in London, and I went every 1.5 hours and saw her during my breaks. Today I had a 3 hour break between classes, and I picked her up and we went and had a picnic in the park :smile: I had some of her toys and books in the car, so we played and read a bit on the blanket.

    She seems happy when I drop her off and the girls that work at the center are great...I'm so glad they have this webcam service, too. I took my laptop to class today and had the webcam up the whole time, lmao :smile: