Separating Love bracelets?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am thinking of getting a second Love which I would either wear on my right wrist or stack with my first Love.

    However, I would be quite afraid of dents if the Loves were stacked together.

    Is it possible to keep two Love which are stacked on one wrist apart most of the time? Or is this only possible with, for example, a leather bracelet in between?
  2. I supposed you could do that. I wear two loves and they don't dent. The sides will get dull but no one can see that anyway.
  3. Do your Loves clack against each other often?
  4. They do.
  5. And that really does not cause dents? May I ask you which ones you have, i.e. diamond or plain?
  6. I too am interested in the responses. I recently received another love bracelet (rainbow) and I am unsure if I want to wear it with my plain Love or not.
  7. I have the plain and the 10 diamond.
  8. The two make noise when they clink together but since mine are the same size it's sort of impossible to "dent" them.
  9. Do the edges of the braclets look more worn?
  10. Do both bracelets have the same thickness or does that vary?
  11. No, but my bracelets aren't as old as my two Love rings. The rings are "worn" around the edges, but I think that is inevitable, regardless of them being stacked or not.