Separated at birth? Trasporto train and Sanrio's Shinkansen

  1. Is it me or does the bullet train on Trasporto look a lot like Sanrio's bullet train character? Maybe this is a nod to the Tokidoki/Sanrio collaboration?
    IMG_2715.JPG IMG_2716.JPG
  2. cute! Maybe it's a before and after pictures!
  3. I can see the resemblance! LOL QueenLouis, I had that phone as a kid, too!
  4. It looks like BART!!!
    Here is a picture I found of it on PhotoBucket.

  5. that was my first reaction to when i saw trasporto - i was like "shinkansen?!?!?" although it does look like the BART, maybe even slightly monorail-ish, who knows? its adorable and i want them all over the front of the trasporto campeggio im hunting! :biggrin:
  6. I had that phone too! Oh wow, that brings back memories.

    I think it's a nod to BART too :smile:
  7. Now we know Simone's inspiration.
  8. it's funny how we all like different things (ie. girls/no girls, baby butts/no butts...). I had a strange first reaction trasporto. I really dislike the little white train! I was looking for a Campaggio with as few of the little white trains on the front as possible... Casey found me one at the Pulse with 4 pink elephants, only one little white train.