Separated at birth: Chloe edith vs the Be & D perry

  1. Hmmm... does this look familiar? Looks like an edith hiding behind a chanel chain to me!:p

  2. I don't like it, looks naf
  3. Whoa - and throw in a touch of Marc Jacobs Stam bag too. Weird...
  4. haha. i think it's cute.

  5. I agree, lots of Marc Jacobs Stam....
  6. It does look like the edith/!!!
  7. This is Chloe Edith & MJ Stam's love child - or distant cousin of chanel????

    Designer of this bag needs to get some new ideas!!!
  8. Eeep! What a disconcerting mix of Edith and Stam, with a touch of Betsey Johnson thrown in (the studded leather tab thingy).
  9. It's like several bags fell into a hole, and this emerged.