Seoul TouchUp? DocFinderKorea?

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  1. #1 May 4, 2016
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    I've heard about DocFinderKorea from various blogs & have already emailed & received a reply from them.

    Seoul TouchUp is less talked about on a whole I believe,
    so I'm questioning if it is a reliable company?

    Anyone with experiences to share?
    I've contacted them with my photos @ unlike DocFinder, they required a $500 deposit before they're willing to recommend any clinics for the procedures I wish to have done.

    I'm very cautious and wary at the moment. Please help if you so kindly can. Thanks :smile:
    Also, is anyone travelling to Korea in June for Plastic Surgery?
  2. Hey there, just don't do either of them, run far away from them both. Read and then re-read what the majority of people on this forum have to say about those types of medical tourism groups; they're a waste of money. With a bit of perseverance in research and getting in contact with clinics yourself, you will be much better off (financially and emotionally).

    Seoul is easy enough to navigate, there is no shortage of accomodation options and the public transportation system is ace, there is honestly no need to utilise services like Docfinder or Seoul Touchup that end up just being an unwanted pain. Good luck, you can def do it by yourself!!
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  3. haha ditto.

    You save money doing it yourself. People who are worried about being lost in translation getting around korea......there's google translate.

    People who are worried about getting lost, there's google maps

    You have to have led a pretty damn sheltered life to not be able to go through the surgical journey yourself.

    While there are good agencies out there, those two in particular only bring you to the same few clinics, Banobagi being one of them. A good agency should recommend you a clinic based on the speciality which your facial feature requires. And I don't even mean like eye specialist if u wanna do a double eyelid surgery I mean selecting an eye specialist who specializes in a specific technique which is most suited to manipulating your preexisting structure. Those two agencies don't do that.

    Just do your own research, have a short list of clinics to consult and decide which of the surgeons you consulted with made you feel most comfortable, and who made the most LOGICAL sense in a medical form. Thats how everyone should be going about their surgical journey and its something that neither seoultouchup nor docfinder will do for you. Save the money, buy a bag for yourself boo :P.

    The only time someone should be using an agency is if they have a super complicated case, or a non elective one where you need to find a damn good specialist for an actual medical condition like multiple sclerosis for example. And even then you gotta have a very specialized agency for that.
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  4. Yeah that's very true. Especially if you plan on visiting a well known clinics, chances are they have their in-house staff who are more than willing/able to help you.

    I recently enquired with DocFinderKorea, requested quotes and in the end decided to come to Seoul myself.

    I would say I'm fairly independent and resourceful however I'll have to admit the first few days can be a bit challenging. Infact more so the day to day stuff (food and necessity shopping) rather than the consultations. Certain areas particularly where I'm staying at the moment, I'm relying on pictures to order at traditional "cheap eats" :smile:

    But it gets better every day!! :P
  5. yeah well I didn't want to mention it..

    I was also recommended Banobagi, ID Hospital, Cinderella and JW, custom selected and personalised just for my situation...

    (*paraphrasing*) Our service is completely free of charge and only the clinic pays us commission. So..who pays the clinic then??

    That's some pretty deceptive 5hit, not to mention heaps of good clinics aren't even given a chance. Let not the best outcome get in the way of a good referral commission

    Anyway like K couture said, research, read reviews, make a list. You know yourself best and you will quickly learn which clinics specialise in which areas. Generalising here, but a Jack of all trades is a master of none.

    I'd suggest when you're ready to pull the trigger, get your list which will constantly change through your journey. Email/kakao/pigeon mail whichever clinic you think meets your needs, then request a consult. If they are foreign friendly, you will have no troubles. If you insist on seeking out a local clinic, just ask them to arrange a translator for the appointment.
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  6. Can u say what clinics u've already consulted and what u wanna get done?
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  8. Be careful, this woman went with Seoul Touch Up and spent 60kusd on 3 botched jobs -

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  9. Local pricing at Cinderella Clinic (and yes i got totally ripped off and got infection on top of it)

    Non incisional 390,000 won
    3D nose 780,000 won
    Eyelid + nose + fat graft or facial liposuction altogether 1,590,000 won
    HD Waterdrop Breast 2,890,000 won
    Ultratox 900,000 won
    Cheekbone reduction, square jaw, t osteotomy 4,900,000 won
    Liposuction 900,000 won per area
    Quick Body Lifting 1,800,000 won
    Jaw Botox 50,000 won
    Nose filler 120,000

    Docfinder n cinderella trying to rip u off..
  10. This 100%.

    Anyway I legitimately worry for all those people who come to Korea who haven't done much research or preparation, decide to do plastic surgery and trust their face and bodies in the hands of a (money driven) medical tourism business... just because it's easier? just because they've seen advertisements/sponsored people?

    Don't get me wrong, some people turn out great, but there are countless people on this forum that have gotten screwed over and treated poorly while spending more money than necessary on these companies. There is risk either way, but these companies are offering just a tiny bit of comfort, comfort that you could've easily taken care of yourself with a little effort, for insane amounts of your hard earned money.

    Are you really prepared to come all the way to a foreign country to do surgery if you can't take care of yourself?
  11. How did you acquire these prices?

    Thank you for posting them :smile:
  12. That''s a good one actually: "Are you really prepared to come all the way to a foreign country to do surgery if you can't take care of yourself"

    Alternatively, get a friend to come along to help you out. But that's only justified if you are doing a facial bone contouring or face lifitng procedure. Even then those procedures are very manageable too.

    These are some of my pet which makes me want to backhand someone

    "How do I book my appointment?"
    "How much budget should I have for hotel and plane ticket?"
    "Should I bring cash or use credit?"

    I'm sorry but these iare still a dumb A$$ questions which clearly shows that your parents give you an allowance :S. Even the last one is so not justified. Its should know whether your card's points per dollar spent etc is worth it for you to swipe swipe swipe. And whether a particular clinic gives more discounts for cash payments (because not all do), you can find out the answer by simply giving them a call or kakaoing them.

    By not going with docfinder and seoultouchup you will be forced to do your due diligence and research for yourself. This is not only educating yourself but it is also increasing your chances at finding a surgeon whose technique is suitable for your facial structure
  13. There's a lot of users calling people "stupid" & "dumb" just because they feel like they need a service to help them along with their surgery journey.

    You all do realize that there are some people who have never traveled the world?

    I remember wanting surgery so bad, and knew I wanted to get it in Korea, but had no idea how to use a subway station, how to speak Korean, or knew if the clinic staff knew English.

    It wasn't until AFTER I went to Korea through DocFinderKorea that YES, most of the clinics have staff that speak English and translate for you.

    Generally speaking; you just need to book your flight, book a hotel near the clinic you desire, book a consultation with the clinic, and this way you can either just walk to the clinic or take a taxi.

    Taking a taxi is easy if you know some Korean. I studied Korean for a month before I went to Korea, so I knew how to say where I wanted to go. Remember, if you want phone service in a foreign country, talk to your mobile service provider.

    My inexperience self learned the hard way that I should've done that beforehand. x)

    If you have no clue as to how the subway works, there are a few tutorials on Youtube that teach you. It's simple once you get the hang of it. I even made a tutorial on Youtube just because it was so easy. lol

    The other problems with going by yourself is that you will have to go to the pharmacy to pick up certain medications. I don't think I would've had the courage to go & do this by myself. Just a heads up!

    I have friends in Korea who could have helped me, but I didn't know them too well before I got there, so I didn't want them to see me go through that healing process. It's a very dark time where you just want to be yourself in my opinion.

    But yes, definitely do your research and take as much time as you need. Some of these clinics like to rush the consultation because it's peak season and they have a lot of clients.

    Also, talk to your bank about expanding the amount you're allowed to use within a day if the surgery is expensive.

    And tell them about your foreign travel. Sometimes, cards get locked for security purpose/ suspicious activity unless verified by you. :smile:

    Good luck! I wish someone would've told me this, but then again, I didn't ask or know about this forum until after I got the surgery.
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  14. From korean friend who laughed at my failure. She told me to not go to cinderella but 2 of my intl friends went there and got good result. So i went there.. maybe they changed doctor.. i dont know. Anyway i regret i didnt listen to my intl friend. I was charged overprice. And now i have to deal with infection. I dont want revision so it is terrible time for me
  15. So sorry that happened to you. What is Cinderella doing about it for you? I hope they at least give you a solution and free revision. I turn into a sagging old lady after my surgery at Baum. Nose is also acceptable but too manly for me to love it. The doctor just said "I don't know" when I ask what happened. I hope Cinderella will not be like that and take responsibility to make you better