Seoul Apr 10 - Apr 17 - Any one else?

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  1. I am looking forward to more consultations - face fat grafting, excess skin removal on the eyelids, and possible going for the SmileLipt procedure at AONE clinic to fix the droppy mouth corner while I am there. I've heard its a 40 min procedure.

    I hope to catch the Cherry Blossom festival during that week, head to Jeju for 3 days to hike the Olle Course, and sightseeing. Then stay 3 days in Myeong-dong to eat, shop, more sightseeing.

    Would love to have a company. Any one going this week and want to keep in touch? Let me know. Thanks!!!:smile::smile:
  2. I do love to if possible. How can I leave my email to further discuss? Thanks.
  3. Hi mimi60,
    I can't PM you (since you're new to the forum) and can't leave you my email here publicly either. Are you in the US? If yes are you on the East/West coast?
  4. Hi, I'm planning to go in April too and do the double eyelid revision, I'm from USA west cost, please pm me your email, thanks!
  5. I am on skype mei60ling, I am from Europe
  6. I just pm u
  7. Hi mypurse123,

    I am interested too. But I am very new here. How do I contact you?


  8. Hello shiyin ;

    I just came back from Korea for eyelids revision consultation. If you like to exchange info, please email me at
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.