Sentimental Tiffany Story


Jul 30, 2008
I know we all adore Tiffany. The allure. The mystique. The blue box. The captivating sparkle. And I always loved wandering in the Fifth Avenue store soothing a case of the "mean reds" when I was a bachelorette living in NYC.
I have a few vignettes I remember fondly.
One time I particularly remember was when I went up to the third floor to have my silver right-hand Peretti bone cuff cleaned (yes, back then silver cleaning was gratis). I was content to sit there and people watch. I still see it in my minds-eye. As I sat with a smattering of fellow patrons waiting for service, a Tiffany associate came out from the back bearing a silver platter!!! As she progressed magestically through the room, I saw she had a newly-polished 18k Peretti bone cuff poised on the center of the tray!!! I was literally mesmerized. Transfixed. Not only did I get an up-close look at the piece but I realized a real live person actually owned it!! And cared for it!!! And obviously waited for it to be polished somewhere away from the a rarified sanctum...possibly sipping champagne while she waited...tapping a delicate heel on the plush carpet!
To this day I have never seen another 18k bone cuff in real life.
If anyone has....please share....


Sep 19, 2006
Thanks for sharing your cute story. I had been to that floor several times but I didn't get to witness something similar to that. BTW, as much as I love Tiffany fine jewelry and I try to avoid buying their silver pieces, I tried on the gold cuff and and it didn't look good on me. I ended up getting the silver one and I love it. It worked out well as my husband ended up using that budget to get me a diamond ring for my right hand.