Sent speedy in for repair...

  1. As some of you may have read my thread a couple days ago about the canvas ripping, I took my MC speedy to LV today and had them look at it. They said they had to send it in to the repair center for assessment to see if it is repairable. If it is not repairable, and it is a defect, they said they would replace the purse. I will not know until the end of next week if my speedy will be fixed. I miss it already, lol. :shame: :sad:
  2. Aww, I'm sure you will miss your baby while she is gone! But, at least, if they can't fix her, you'll get a brandy new one!!
  3. Aww! It's okay, I was pretty upset when I had to send my petit bucket off to repairs. Don't worry! They will take care of your bag! If it is a defect, tr444 is'll get a brand new one!
  4. sigh..know what you mean..i miss my speedy too...6 weeks now...was back 4 weeks ago but they botched the repair job so, they sent it back to repair their repair! argh!
  5. ^^ wow. I feel for you. My baby's been gone less than a day. I can't believe they bothed the repair!

  6. yup...someone was definitely sleeping on the job! they put a 30 tab on my mono speedy 25!!! it looked a bit off...and it was originally MADE IN FRANCE but they repaired it in San Dimas, CA so it came back with a MADE IN USA tab :crybaby: They said it'll take extra long now to get a tab sent from France (if they can) . I said I'll wait, I rather have a made in france tab to my made in france bag!
  7. I have to say, I love LV customer service! the fact that they said if they cant fix it, then they will give you a new one is very comforting, i should think! I know you miss it very much, but hang in there.. ill pray for your purse haha!
  8. ^^yeah, alot of people have been complaining about the quality of their bags and bad customer service but i havent had one complain yet either.. i actually love their customre service..

    want bad customer service? you should go to this cosingment shop i went to in dallas. they were so rude and mean! worse than the actual LV SA's..why would someone be mean and rude if your selling used designer stuff?..just a question
  9. Awww, hopefully it won't take long.
  10. :whistle: The waaaiitttingg is the hardest part....
  11. is their a time limit that you have to bring in your bag to see if it can be replaced if it's defective?
  12. one year and they'll fix it for free, but i think if it's defective, it doesn't matter how long you've had it