sent payment to US via mail - some USPS info please

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  1. hi there

    so I sent payment to the USA (which has not been a problem so far) as it was available. there has been a delay here and the seller has understandably taken action, with the option that he will withdraw the NPB strike once he receives payment.

    I fully understand why he doubts that he gets his money etc (given all the stories and he is a powerseller) but I was just wondering how long shipment takes within US (I know it has reached US bec I was not that dumb to not use tracking.. however, it stops tracking once it reaches US)

    the seller is located in Anaheim, CA -

    of course i want the strike removed and the item, but i really dont want to send double payment....
  2. Well, that's a difficult question to answer.

    Generally, from the UK to USA it takes about 5-10 days. Recently someone sent me a package from the USA (using global priority, no less) and it took 15 days(the service states it will take 6 busines days)!!

    Another trick I learned is if you put your tracking number in the USPS website, you can sometimes see the tracking within the USA. Give that a go and see if it works and then you can keep your seller up to date.:smile:
  3. ^ thanks. I had tried that and just tried again but no luck.

    i hope shipping within US wont take too long - I really wonder whether there is just one airport all international shipments go to and then they are distributed from there or whether they are sorted prior to being flown out.
  4. That's exactly what happens! Everything goes into JFK and is sorted by USPS from there
  5. i thought that. anyway, will have 2 wait and see.
  6. Lara

    Keep trying on USPS - it only appears the day it is out for delivery so dont get disheartened when you don't see it there, I just keep trying each day and it appears
  7. thank you for telling me. that is great - at least I have somewhere I can check. as you can imagine I am freaking out....

    that is brilliant info!