Sent payment, but the seller is no longer a registered user!

  1. I've sent a seller quite a lot of money for a handbag, but since then, their account is now showing as no longer being a registered user. I'm a bit nervous now, i sent payment by cheque today, now i'm wondering whether i should cancel it?! Help please!!
  2. I had that happen once, but since the seller had 1000 plus outstanding feedback, I went ahead and emailed her and she sent me tracking. Her account was hacked, that was why she was no longer registered. But most times it is because of authenticity or fraud suspicions, so I would find out what is going on and if you don't get good info, cancel it.
  3. Write an email to the seller to inquire about what happened. Tell the seller that you would withhold payment if you do not hear from him/her by 8AM tomorrow morning.

    If the seller does not respond by 8AM tomorrow, call your bank to request stop payment immediately. The reason you must act immediately is that the stop payment process may take some time. Inquire your bank about it if you are not sure about its process. Some bank charges a fee (say $35) for stop payment. You need to be aware of this and find out from your bank.
  4. ^^ thanks! i've sent her an email, her feedback was 96.9%, she had 6 negatives, but they were because items she had listed as new were in fact used. This wasn't a problem for me because the photos of the bag were good. My gut instinct is to cancel the cheque before she can cash it, it's just too much money for me to potentially lose.
  5. Cancel it.
  6. If you feel uneasy about it, I would cancel it and see if she responds to your emails. You could always send another cheque if there is a resonable explanation, but you'll have a hard time getting the money back after it's cashed if anything goes wrong. Did she send you an email or anything to let you know that her account had been closed?

  7. Personally, for me, that would have been a big red flag not to big on any of her auctions. Because she lied in previous auctions, etc.

    I hope it works out for you!

    Good luck!
  8. Cancel it. Better safe than sorry
  9. I would immediately request my bank to stop paying that check.
  10. That happened to me once. Same story as above, the sellers account was hacked and I still recieved the item (without filing a complaint or anything). So it all turned out okay in the end.
    But in my case, there wasnt a lot of money involved, so in this case I'd recommend cancelling the cheque too.
  11. thanks everyone, i really appreciate your responses. I cancelled the cheque through my telephone banking, if she does respond i'll tell her i'm not comfortable going through with the transaction. I'm not protected by paypal, the cheque comes straight out of my account so i'm not protected by my credit card company, and as lovemel says above, getting my money back from eBay would be a long drawn out process and i wouldn't hold much faith getting my money back throug eBay. I'm really grateful for everyones input!
  12. Smart move abowron. :woohoo:
  13. Good move. Since January eBay offers NO protection to buyers, except through Paypal, so if she had taken your money, you wouldn't have seen it again.
  14. You've done the right thing. You can never be too cautious with ebay.
  15. Cancel the check and send her an email see what she has to say. Its a lot better to resend the check when you find out everything is ok than losing your $.